The Logitech G Pro RGB mechanical keyboard is down to $79.99 on Amazon. It has actually been selling around this price for a couple months now, but the keyboard has largely been out of stock since Black Friday. Right now you can find it in stock at Amazon and Best Buy. It may go out of stock again or revert to its street price of $110 before long.

Backlit with Color

Logitech G Pro RGB mechanical keyboard

This keyboard was built for eSports competitors and gamers. It has precision, quiet performance, and Romer G mechanical switches that provide 25% faster actuation. Ultra portable and compact so you can pack and play. Works with Windows or Mac.

$79.99 $110.00 $30 off

The G Pro series from Logitech was designed with eSports competitors and extreme gamers in mind, so it's built for travel and to withstand a lot of complex inputs. Plus, it's also made with precision and silence in mind.

You'll get Logitech's Romer G mechanical switches inside this keyboard. They are 25% faster than standard mechanical switches, which means you'll see very little time difference between pressing the key and seeing the command implemented on your screen. They are also durable for up to 70 million keypresses.

The tenkeyless design makes this keyboard very compact. That means it takes up less table space but also less space in your backpack when traveling. It also allows for better mouse movement since your mouse will be closer to you. With the detachable micro USB cable that still provides a secure connection when plugged in, the keyboard is ultra portable, too.

The G Pro is compatible with Windows 7 or later and Mac OS X 10.10 or later.

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