A loud, powerful, and rugged Bluetooth speaker for only $84!

A quality Bluetooth speaker is one of the best ways to take all you favorite music, podcasts, and other audio with you wherever you go. Lots of Bluetooth speakers come with handy features —like waterproofing and drop protection —to make them useful in a lot of situations; however, plenty of Bluetooth speakers sacrifice power in exchange for portability. Why can't you have both?

Blast your favorite tunes loud and proud!

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The truth is you can have both, but it's not always easy to find a powerful Bluetooth speaker that doesn't cost a significant amount of your paycheck. Don't worry, iMore Digital Offers has the perfect solution for you!

Right now, through iMore Digital Offers you can pick up a G-Boom Bluetooth Boombox for only $84.99!

The G-Boom Bluetooth Boombox delivers more than enough firepower using a 2.1 speaker configuration. Two full-range drivers, one tweeter, and dual rear-firing bass ports will not only ensure you get enough volume, but that all your music sounds full and balanced. Plus, it's quick and easy to pair up with your phone or other Bluetooth connected device, so you can play your favorite playlists no matter which device you choose.

Even if you're away from a conventional power outlet for an extended period, the G-Boom Bluetooth Boombox can survive up to seven hours on battery power alone, so you never skip a beat!

If you're looking to really blow the roof of the house at your next party, take advantage of this great offer to receive 15% off the G-Boom Bluetooth Boombox!

Blow the doors off the barn with the G-Boom Bluetooth Boombox!

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