Does your LTE iPad on Verizon allow a microSIM switcheroo for AT&T service?

One of our forum members has been able to pop an AT&T microSIM into his new Verizon LTE iPad, and get access to AT&T's 3G network. We haven't been able to confirm or deny this yet - it could be a one-off glitch, it could be AT&T or Verizon's systems being a little confused, or maybe it's a software oversight (or plan) on Apple's part to lock down the SIM slot. If this glitch turns out to be widespread, I suspect that it will be patched up pretty quick, unless of course Apple is purposely selling these iPads unlocked. If any of you guys have a spare AT&T microSIM kicking around, give it a shot and let us know in the forums if it works! (Image credit)

Simon Sage

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