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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion brings iOS, iPad innovations back to the Mac

Steve Jobs today gave a hint at the future of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, and that future is... iOS and iPad!

  • Multitouch gestures
  • App Store
  • App home screens (with Folders)
  • Full screen apps
  • Auto save
  • Apps resume when launched

It's not going to be a multitouch Mac. Jobs says Apple tried it but vertical touch surfaces are tiring and don't work. That's why Apple has made multitouch trackpads for laptops, and Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad for desktops. That's how they're going to do multitouch.

Mac App Store won't be exclusive but Jobs thinks it will be the best. Same 70/30 developer split, one click downloads, free and paid, auto instal, auto updates, licensed for use on all your personal macs.

LaunchPad will be the homescreen for Macs.

Mission Control will unify Spaces, Exposé, Dashboard, full screen apps.

Screenshots after the break. And check out (opens in new tab)'s new Mac OS X 10.7 Lion page for more.

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Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • When do I get my update for the face time. Eh?
  • I didn't see this coming, I'll try it. The mac store.
  • does anybody know if the new Mac App store is gonna work with the older versions of the mac book, the white/black models?
  • @Justin They've only confirmed the App Store for 10.6 and .7.
    They haven't listed any hardware limitations.
    As far as this...meh. I'll like it, but not love it. I like my Mac to stay separate from iOS.
    But that's not to discredit the brilliance they've given with that.
  • And when will iLife '11 be available?
  • Mission Control sounds great. I don't how many times I've ended up with Photoshop files accidentally opened in different spaces somehow and keeping me from dragging and dropping. :shock:
    This should solve that. :shock:
  • iLife '11 is available for order today. App Store should work with anything that can run Snow Leopard.
  • As long as the App store apps for Mac have the power/complexity of normal programs you can install, I can see this possibly working. Otherwise it's a dumbing down of Apple's software ecosystem and would be a great dis-service to what I've been told is a great OS.
  • @Joost:
    It sounded to me as if the Mac App Store was a totally separate store than the iOS App Store (which would remain in iTunes)... and selling only Mac applications.
  • OS X Lion not available till summer 11? Why did they announce this so early then?
  • None of the demos showed Finder, on either Snow Leopard or Lion. I think Mac OS 11, or whatever comes after Lion, may make Finder an "Advanced" option. Mission Control, Launchpad, and full-screen app switching all reduce Finder's importance.
    Also, full-screen apps that know where all their data files are means that the "drag and drop" mouse gesture may also be on its way out. Why? Because there is no "drag and drop" in iOS (other than when you drag apps in and out of folders.) And I think the next major version of Mac OS after Lion will be far more like iOS than Lion will be. (And there could optionally be a Mac OS 11 Pro with all the complexity and control of Finder for "pro" users, the way there's a Server version of Mac OS X now.)
  • @ Bizarderic - "OS X Lion not available till summer 11? Why did they announce this so early then?"
    Because this is the right time. It gives developers a long time to plan, develop, test, and polish their apps for 10.7, and since today's event was all about Mac apps and MacBook Airs, it made sense to also preview 10.7.
  • @ Dionte - "I didn’t see this coming, I’ll try it. The mac store."
    I did, but I didn't think it would happen until at least 2012. I'm a Mac OS developer, so I'm hoping that the Mac App Store will help give my app more exposure. Yes, 30% is a big cut, but what better way to market your app than through Apple?
  • @SockRolid:
    Also, full-screen apps that know where all their data files are means that the “drag and drop” mouse gesture may also be on its way out.
    But what if I want to use more than one application to work with files? Just as an example, sometimes I'll open a certain document with NeoOffice, other times I'll open it with MS Word. I really, really don't want OSX to hide the existence of files from me.
  • So is it going to be OS X forever?
    Next time it should be Fish Names like OS 11 Whale Shark or OS 11 Humpback or OS 11 Dolphin.
  • I knew that they were going to incorporate multitouch and make it more like the iPad. But at least it still works like a Mac and not an iOS device, just has the iOS features
  • The MacStore is kind of a "duh" thing. We already know Microsoft has been looking at the idea for Windows 8. Plus with how dispersed Mac development is it makes it a lot easier to find any 3rd party software.
    Gestures sounds interesting for a laptop when you want to use the touchpad rather than a mouse but that's about it.
    Macs can't already hide the home bar to run apps in full screen??
  • i find awesome having an app store for mac, making it posible to find all kind of apps in one certify/trustfully place.
    i find awesome having the ios upgrading/apps system.
    i find stupid implementing ios folders in a system where folders are already implemented
    i find stupid filling with apps icon your desktop giving your desktop a busy environment when theres already a perfect place for that
  • I'll say this here as well, because it -needs- to be said
    this is BAD news and here is why.... Apple will NOT start by making 3rd party software illegal on Macs, with the advent of the so-called App Store, it's just a prelude. But rest assured, that is EXACTLY where they are going? How can I say something like this? It's their TRACK RECORD. It's exactly what they want to do, and their previously stated intentions. Apple will not lead off with the banning of all non-App Store software. But it's where they are headed. Don't try to tell me they won't... it's exactly what they are doing on ALL their other devices.
    They ...
    A. Want to take 30 percent of all developers' profits
    B. Will do so by conning new users into believing App Store is the ONLY way to get new software.
    C. Will with OS XI introduce no 3rd party software unless through the App Store
    D. ... Jailbreaks will be available, but no real software maker will be willing to make software for a jailbroken machine.
    E. Will drive off all innovation because MAKING A DESKTOP APP IS EXPENSIVE. You spend how much developing it and then Apple can just say "Sorry we don't like it?" one day and destroy your company? Sorry, this is why most App Store apps are cheapo things that nobody tries new things with. Because they're afraid of losing their major investment. This is QUADRUPLED or more on a desktop environment.
    I will NEVER buy a Mac now. I was going to, but this scared me off right quick. I have an iphone -- it's not my main computer. I can live with the limits. No WAY you are limiting my choice of software on MY computer.
  • My question is, will I be able to use my iPad and iPhone 4 (i4) apps on my MacBook Pro? Instead of having to switch from my i4, iPad and then answer a message on my MacBook Pro?
  • With the release of MAc OS X Lion we see and iPad 3 at its base.