You can now manage your iPad 3G AT&T data plan online

AT&T announced today that owners of the Apple iPad 3G + WiFi can now manage their data accounts online from any PC or Mac using a web browser. From 9to5 Mac:

Now, users can manage their data by heading to and clicking on the “add data now” section on the middle of the page on the right side. AT&T notes that you can now also use this website to setup and manage new iPad 3G devices you purchase

That last tidbit implies that you can kill the data connection to any lost or stolen iPad and remove your account from the device in case anyone finds it and decides to use it.

With a 2gb data cap for most iPad 3G users, this expected feature from AT&T should come in quite handy. No longer will users be wondering how much data they've used for the month, or having to depend on the built-in data meter for iOS that only keeps a count of the user's total data usage since it was last reset.

Any iPad 3G users planning on using this new feature? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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