Matching iPad 3 parts point to Retina display with slightly thicker design, better camera

Recently leaked parts purportedly from Apple's upcoming iPad 3 have been put together and the fit indicates not only that they may be near final production versions, but that the often-rumored 2048x1536 Retina display panel comes from Sharp, that a better camera is coming with it, and that overall, the casing may be slightly thicker.

According to the report by iLab, the new back plate on the iPad 3 will be roughly 1mm thicker in order to accommodate a larger battery, with screw alignments that line up precisely with the LCD panel from Sharp. The 30-pin dock connector also fit nice and snug on the new back plate, and a new camera hole suggests a higher megapixel camera should be coming as well.

Apple is rumored to be holding the iPad 3 announcement event during the first week of March.

Source: iLab Factory via 9to5Mac