McDonald's trial uses beacons to guide passersby to McNuggets

McDonald's trial with beacons in Columbus, GA to guide customers to its stores is a success. The company announced that using Bluetooth LE and an app developed by beacons supplier Piper, it was able to increase sales of McNuggets by roughly 8 percent in the store. With the beacon technology, McDonald's was able to push out offers to customers and passersby to save on Passbook for later redemption.

The fast food chain said:

During the initial four-week launch, customers who had the Piper app installed were prompted to save an Apple Passbook offer to their device. This offer is also visible and redeemable with Piper's Android app. Participating stores are generating strong response for the advertised offers through both mobile and signage, showing more than 18,000 offer redemptions for the promoted items featured (McChicken sales increased 8 percent and McNuggets increased 7.5 percent from the previous month).

With the success of the trial, McDonald's is looking to expand its coupon efforts. It will also add beacons for customer satisfaction surveys as well as to push out employment offers.

Source: Businesswire

Chuong H Nguyen