Mikme Review by MrMobile: More Than Just A Microphone

At first, the Mikme Wireless Microphone doesn't seem likely to garner a second glance from gadget geeks. It's a nondescript black box, small enough to fit in a palm but big enough to weight down a pocket, and in its powered-off state, it looks like it could be anything from a carbon monoxide detector to a portable beard trimmer.

Pair it with your iPhone, though, and the Mikme becomes one of the most capable audio sidekicks ever. With a one-inch gold-plated condenser microphone and a Bluetooth radio that lets you wander quite a ways from your phone, Mikme is handy for everyone from journalists to roving musicians. Over the past few months I've used it to record several voiceovers and even the most recent episode of the CrackBerry podcast, and despite its few flaws, it's proven itself a worthy addition to my arsenal. Now all we need is an Android app (currently in beta and promised to arrive shortly).

Check out the Mikme Wireless Microphone review above for my own test notes, as well as a special in-depth audio dive from Juan Carlos Bagnell (a.k.a. SomeGadgetGuy). If you're sufficiently charmed, check out Mikme's site here to pick up one of your own … and be sure to subscribe to theMrMobile on YouTube so you don't miss the next review coming soon!

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