Misfit and Speedo dive in together with a new fitness tracker for swimmers

Misfit, a popular fitness tracking company, has partnered with Speedo, the well-known swimming brand, to create a fitness tracker made for swimmers. The Speedo Shine is the newest offering from the two companies, which tracks everything from swimming to sleep. While looking nearly identical to the original Misfit Shine, the Speedo Shine has some differences on the inside.

The two companies have worked together to bring proprietary lap counting algorithms to the firmware, which allows swimmers to easily track their laps with the highest level of accuracy, regardless of which stroke type is being used. The Speedo Shine will sync with the existing Misfit app on both Android and iOS, and the app will display laps, swim distance, calories burned and points earned. Unfortunately, the tracker will not yet work with Speedo's personalized swim tracking app, Speedo Fit, though the companies are working to add support.

The Speedo Shine will be available starting September 1 for $79, and you can now sign up to receive future updates about the tracker.

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Jared DiPane

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