Mophie, makers of all things power-related, today announced an update to its powerstation line bringing USB-C to its portable battery packs. Available in four sizes — powerstation, powerstation mini, powerstation XL, and powerstation XXL — each features a dual-purpose USB-C that functions for both input and output, as well as additional USB-A ports for juicing up additional devices.

The updated Mophie powerstation line has a fabric finish that looks pretty smart but also means that it protects against scuffs if the battery is stowed with your other tech. The devices come in a few different colors including black, gray, navy, hot pink and light blue, and range from 5,000mAh capacity to a whopping 20,000mAh for the XXL. That's enough to give you an additional 73 hours of usage on your device, according to Mophie. Prices start at $34.95.

Robert Johnson, general manager for Mophie, said:

We've updated our powerstation line to feature USB-C ports, so consumers can use the same cable to not only charge their device, but to recharge their powerstation as well. Available in multiple colors and capacities, the compact powerstation batteries fit easily into any bag, ensuring there's always an extra charge on hand.

Get the juice

Mophie powerstation

Equipped with USB-C input and output, as well as traditional USB-A, Mophie's powerstation battery packs can charge up all of your devices.

USB-C has been available on some of mophie's high-end battery products before, but the technology has spread across the lineup today as the world moves more toward an increasingly USB-C-shaped future. Mophie has also release versions of its powerstation batteries with built-in Lighting ports for easy recharging via a Lightning cable.

Apple has moved its iPad Pro and portable Mac lines to USB-C and other devices may follow suit in the future. It has also been possible to fast charge iPhone models since the iPhone 8 with the right USB-C to Lightning cable and USB-C power adapter.

Mophie's new powerstation devices are available to order today.

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