More than 800 million iOS devices sold

At today's WWDC keynote in San Francisco today, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that more than 800 million iOS devices have been sold worldwide. That breaks down to 100 million iPod Touch devices, 200 million iPads and 500 million iPhones. Cook added that the company added 130 million new customers in the past year, many buying the first Apple device.

He also took a shot at Android, saying that many iPhone users — as many as half in China in the past six months — had switched from Android, to seek "a better experience... and a better life."

Cook also contrasted the proportion of iOS users on the most recent version of the platform — some 89 percent — to the 9 percent of Android users running the latest KitKat release.

In closing, Apple's CEO highlighted iOS's satisfaction rating — according to Changewave — of 97%, while claiming that 99 percent of all mobile malware was targeted at Google's rival OS.

Alex Dobie