Motorola has announced that it will soon be releasing a watch that looks very similar to an iPod Nano. The MOTOACTV comes out of the box as a watch so you don't need the accessory strap like you would with an iPod nano.

It is 46mm square and powered by Android. It features a GPS system, heart rate monitor and wait for it.... Bluetooth so you can use it with wireless headphones; of course it is an MP3 player too. It can also pair with your phone and you can then read text messages and other alerts as well as answer calls using the 1.6-inch touchscreen.

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So, a lot of what TiPb has been asking for in an iPod nano watch,

The MOTOACTV will be available in early November and comes in two flavors, an 8GB version for $249 and a 16GB version at $299. Apple could do so much more with that iPod nano, what a shame!

Source: Android Central