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Motorola announces the MOTOACTV, looks like an iPod nano watch

Motorola has announced that it will soon be releasing a watch that looks very similar to an iPod Nano. The MOTOACTV comes out of the box as a watch so you don't need the accessory strap like you would with an iPod nano.

It is 46mm square and powered by Android. It features a GPS system, heart rate monitor and wait for it.... Bluetooth so you can use it with wireless headphones; of course it is an MP3 player too. It can also pair with your phone and you can then read text messages and other alerts as well as answer calls using the 1.6-inch touchscreen.

So, a lot of what TiPb has been asking for in an iPod nano watch,

The MOTOACTV will be available in early November and comes in two flavors, an 8GB version for $249 and a 16GB version at $299. Apple could do so much more with that iPod nano, what a shame!

Source: Android Central

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  • 249? I can buy an ipod touch 4th gen with that.
    And who cares if it's powered by Android? No apps will work with that.
  • It looks like a watch, you clueless fanboy. Apple didn't invent them.
  • Better to be a fanboy on a Apple blog than a total cockend like yourself
    FACT !!
  • Who cares ?
  • Yes! I so AGREE! I am an Apple fan (NOT fan-boy) and think the nano is great for what it is. I am also an avid runner and would totally invest, that's right, INVEST in something like this. It's all about functionality. Loving the features on this and pair with Motorola's Bluetooth headphones, great exercising accessories.
  • If you say so..
  • Nice watch. Should Apple legal be preparing a lawsuit? This looks way too much like an iPod Nano, but since Samsung didn't make it and Google is soon to own Motorola, an Apple lawsuit against this product is unlikely to happen. If it were a phone as well as a watch, that would be even cooler. A Rolex costs ten times as much and all it does is tell time and look good.
  • They did nothing when Sony made a similar product over a year ago, so don't expect them to.
  • It's a watch you twit. Square face watches have been around forever. Apple didn't invent the damn square design.
    They didn't even do the watch strap part, that was a 3rd party that was smart enough to see that!
  • Wow, angry much? All I said was Apple didn't pursue any legal action last year when Sony released what was similar to an android version of the nano. I never once implied Apple created the watch or anything of the sort.
  • Pairing with the phone is kinda nice. Like the touchpad and the pre but better because it's right on your wrist.
  • Oh just what I wanted... something made by Motorola that is twice as expensive as it's Apple counter part... Not to mention watch ran on Android, I wonder how often it will crash.
  • Apple is missing the boat with a product they started (not the watch, the nano). They know its getting big otherwise they would hae not made the watch faces--CAPITALIZE and make the products we want!!!
  • Wow, Apple could do so much more? Well they didn't. They wiffed on the I pad, release I pad 2 shortly after to compete with the Xoom. IPhone 4 was way behind Droid x and now iPhone 4s is behind Droid bionic. You really are a fan boy!
  • They're so much behind that they are the number one mobile
    company in the world... Just a fact, but why should you care...
  • Looks like you are the "fan boy", with a warped sense of self-importance and a rejection of reality.
  • wow some are actually hurt that someone created a more useful product than the nano
  • All the websites I went to sold me on the motoactv. I went and bought one thinking this is the altimate tool. I kept seeing how you could pair with phone and receive texts and calls but none of them let u know that it only worked with Motorola smart phones. They all claimed that they would pair with smart phone. Not clear that it had to be Motorola. It's kind of a let down. Other than that it is very interesting tool and I do like it. Just hope they allow the iPhone and other smart phones to use its feature.
  • I think this is a real great blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.
  • Wonder what would happen if the glass face hit the rocks? Cool but agree with other comments and wonder how many times they had to do it before it "worked"??