Motorola Keylink

Motorola has launched a handy little Bluetooth accessory that pairs up with your Android or iOS device so you can find your keys or your phone with minimal hassle. Hit the button the Keylink and your phone will ring, or tap the button in the app for the Keylink to ring.

If you happen to be running on a device with Lollipop, you can make the Keylink a security token, so you can't unlock the phone unless your keys are nearby. Battery should last about a year, and is a standard coin cell that you can pick up just about anywhere.

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The Motorola Keylink is available right now through Motorola for $24.99, and should be popping up in T-Mobile stores shortly.

Though not the only accessory out there like this, it seems like it could come in handy, and make a fine stocking stuffer for the holidays. Anyone interested in nabbing one?

Source: Motorola

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