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Motorola Xoom Superbowl ad targets Apple iPad, shows no product

According to Android Central this is Motorola's big Superbowl commercial for their new Android 3.0 Honeycomb-running Xoom tablet, and it's targeting Apple's iPad by once again trotting out the old canard of Apple fascism. I'm glad AC managed to sleuth that out because I'm not sure many mainstream football viewers are going to have any idea at all what this thing is about.

So have at it in the comments. What will people think this ad is for? Spaceballs

[Android Central]

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • LOL because its "vaporware" and does not exist. LOL
  • once a follower always a follower...
  • Old canard? So when Apple puts a Superbowl commercial with a dictator saying "We have created for the first time in all history, a garden of pure ideology. Where each worker may bloom secure from the pests of contradictory and confusing truths"
    it is visionary, but when somebody dares to point out that Apple has in fact created a Walled Garden where only one path is allowed, it is an old canard?
  • Is that why none of my webapps are working any more? Dagnabit! :p
  • LOL!!!
  • Right now Apple probably has an iPad 2 product almost ready to go, and they are just biding their time before announcing it. I anticipate the iPad 2 stealing a lot of thunder from all these people rushing to sell alternatives.
  • Agreed.
  • Two words: Palm Pre.
    Nuff said.
  • Palm Pre was and still is AWESOME!
  • First, as Rene alludes, 1984 was 27 years ago. I barely remember the Apple commercial myself, although it's apparently significant to some people. Second, how did that whole freedom theme work out for Apple? I'm afraid most people don't really care that much about freedom on their gadgets. They want them to just work. Geeks think tweaking is fun, everyone else thinks it's a pain. Third, Motorola is a fine one to be talking about freedom. I suppose that's why they added eFuse to their handsets.
  • 1984 is referring to the book in which Britain is under control of one government that dictates everything. I think this commercial is way too absurd for a tablet pc. Trying to compare apple to a dominating government is incredibly childish and stupid.
  • 1984 is a reference to the Apple commercial titled "1984", which was a reference to the British novel "1984".
  • I'm reading elsewhere that this may be a fan made ad.
    In any case it is disingenuous to apply 1984 to Apple. They may control their own products but they don't control any market really, much less people. They certainly don't control the phone market and given recent sales figures there are other entrants to the new tablet category, which is still an emerging market so early market share figures are fairly irrelevant. No one is forced to buy an iPhone or iPad and there are definitely many viable alternatives to the iPhone and soon iPad. You can play iTunes purchases music on non-Apple products and non-iTunes music on Apple products etc.
    This is in contrast to Apple's 1984 ad where the IBM/MS-DOS platform was becoming dominant and the consumer had very little other choice (but it too was not a perfect analogy).
  • Motorola better hope that's a fan made ad. Whatever the comparison, whether it's fair or not, the history lesson (which I think Apple learned) is that it didn't win anything. The Mac was moderately successful, but not because of moral high-ground.
  • The iPad is almost a perfect product. It gives you just what you need and does it really will. For motorolla to be advertising for thier xoom they need to point what people don't like about iPad which they can compete with. And right now. This issue is they only thing stoping some people of getting an iPad. So it's really the only thing that they can compete with. And it's not about nurds and geeks. With the iPad you can't even read a playboy. It's the fact that apple is controlling the ipad market and put in rules that are unnessasry and not of thier business. What's next censored music. I think that we really need some competition in the market right now. And yes motorolla are followers but so as Sony when they created dew of the most successful products.
  • Android blows. It doesn't matter what it can do if consumers can't even figure out how to do any of it.
  • Ditto
  • lol what a fanboy post.
  • Yet those Android sales keep on churnin...
  • This is going to run during the Super Bowl? Which executive at Motorola made that stupid decision?
    Unless the commercial involves beer, hot models, and frogs, no one really cares. Who is actually going to sit there and read that? Looks like the perfect ad to skip to use the bathroom.
  • Motorola is just mad because everyone traded in their RAZRs for iPhones.
  • Funny thing is, that's exactly what I did, too.
  • Go get em' Moto!
  • Wow. I sincerely hope this isn't an actual ad. It is beyond terrible. But I wouldn't be surprised. It looks a lot like most of the new Android ads out there (especially the tablet-based ads). They focus so much energy on how their products are "cooler" than Apple's, or more "open" than Apple's. Hey, here's an idea... how about actually giving some information about YOUR product? Stop telling me why Apple is sooo bad. Try telling me why your new phone or tablet is so good. Steve Jobs didn't get up on stage to announce the iPad and spend an hour telling me how previous tablet PC's sucked. He went through the features of his device one-by-one, and outlined what it did well. What a crazy concept! lol
  • I hate commercials for a product that don't show the product. Given Motorola's tiny 21 million dolllar profit last quarter I wonder if spending a million on this commercial is smart
    They could have showed the Zoom doing some amazing things instead of spending half the commercial vaguely recalling an Apple ad
    Most people aren't going to get it or care. I love my Droid X but on this commercial I give it a thumbs down.
  • Laaaammmmeeee....C'mon Moto get your act together, if you want to reach the masses, stop with all the techie details. Tell/show the average person what they are going to experience. The average person really doesn't care if the it has a hampster running on a wheel to power the device, as long as it does the job. Stop it with all the GHz, quadcore, MB, etc. mumbo jumbo.
  • Never understodd the marketing that doesn't show off the product but attacks another product. Your actually given free advertising to the other product.
  • This is an ad teaser, not the ad that will run during the superbowl ;-) quick to jump aren't we fellas and ladies?
  • Terrible teaser ad, though, I really hope they hire an ad company to do the real thing. Or a different ad company if this is from them.
  • Gotta be fan made. No one is going to spend millions just to give 99% of the viewing audience a big "WTF was that all about?" moment. If it was real they would have at least shown the CES prototype with a pretty screen. I call shenanigans.
  • Yea, maybe they have something good planned. I love my ipad but i will say if the freedom on other tablets like this are significant i would consider a change in the future. Especially if you can run torrents without jailbreaking id switch off my ipad in a second.
  • I see what they were going for, but that was terrible. It didn't even convey the message. Total ad failure.
  • If that is their commercial it will be the biggest waste of millions I have ever seen. Who ever did this commercial should be fired.
  • Actually that would be the Apple commercial from 1984. You see how much of a success that was. 10% market share in 27
  • So, let's see.... it would probably cost Moto $750 MILLION to actually develop a tablet and it only costs $3 million for a SB ad... Sounds like something Zander would do if he were still CEO of Moto... he was truly a slime-ball BUT, that may actually be what's happening here....
    Xoom DOES NOT EXIST....
  • HA! Nice try Moto
  • THIS is going on as a superbowl ad???? someone NEEDS to be fired for this terrible advertisement.
    If Im watching the superbowl im wondering where my next beer's coming from when this thing comes on...
  • Umm, this is just the TEASER video. There's another commercial being debuted for the Super Bowl.
    And I doubt it's vaporware. It's being released at the end of the month. How is this product Vaporware and the iPad 2 is not?
  • Thanks for being smart and actually doing a bit of reading before spouting your mouth. Most people on here don't have your finesse sir. Actually most of the posts should just read.. I'm an ignorant .
  • Thanks for being smart and actually doing a bit of reading before spouting your mouth. Most people on here don't have your finesse sir. Actually most of the posts should just read.. I'm an ignorant blank.
  • sorry for double post.
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