MrMobile spent $1950 on the L16 Camera (so you don't have to)

The very first time I laid eyes on the Light L16 camera, I knew I had to test it. 16 individual 13MP sensors ranging from 28mm to 150mm, laid out in a scattershot pattern without even the pretense of adhering to a grid, festooned with steerable mirrors that wiggled and warbled as they fixed those big mechanical eyes on a subject ... it was the perfect mix of oversized smartphone and terrifying Matrix robo-spider. I snapped one up as soon as it went on sale.

Unfortunately, I very quickly encountered many of the problems I'd read about – all of which trace themselves back to the core promise of the product. Light calls the L16 the "camera of the future," and given its potent mixture of cutting-edge technology and the hefty $1950 price tag, I expected nothing less. Sadly, though, the photos the L16 delivered fell far short of the pictures kicked out by my Pixel 2 XL – disappointments which continued even after a software update and a trip through Light's special Lumen desktop suite. 

Of course the L16 wasn't made to go head-to-head with a smartphone; rather, it seems to have been built as equal parts technology showcase and DSLR replacement. And there's still a lot to learn (and some to even like) about the L16. It's just not a camera I would recommend to anyone at this point. Click on through to the MrMobile L16 review above to find out why!

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