Best Winter Accessories

If you're reading this in the northern hemisphere, it's winter time! You're probably huddled under your blanket with some hot cocoa and a warm laptop, trying to fend off Jack Frost in all his guises. But the sad reality is you're going to have to head outside sometime soon, for work or school or a snowball fight with the darned neighbor kids. You're not going to leave your tech behind when you go out, right? That laptop could probably protect you from more than a few snowballs...

MrMobile drops some holly-jolly knowledge about what you can wear this winter to look tight and keep your tech on you. If you need some winter gear, start your search right here with Michael Fisher.


SCOTTeVEST OTG Jacket [and end-of-year sale]:

Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger Bag:

LDWest Original Holster:

Walli Smart Wallet:

Star Trek USS Enterprise backlit schematic:

Star Trek Isolinear Chip Coasters:

Stay warm, my friends

Justus Perry

Justus Perry is a producer for MrMobile. He still likes Match 3 games, despite their ubiquity. He's also a comedian and actor.