Mujjo fisheye lens review: Fun photography accessory for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [Giveaway]

"The Mujjo fisheye is a great little novelty lens that's cute, small, easy to carry, and a lot of fun to play around with, especially for kids."

The Mujjo fisheye lens is an incredibly inexpensive way to try out fisheye photography on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad -- or almost any smartphone or tablet. A fisheye lens is designed to take extremely wide-angle pictures, so wide that it becomes almost spherical for still photographs. That means, however, you can get a lot more content -- people, scenery, etc. -- into a shot than is possible with a standard lens. It also means that pictures are often warped to almost comical levels. But that's really the point.

With this Mujjo, it's not about the quality of the glass or the "I can't believe it's a camera phone" pictures -- it's about having fun. If the best camera is the one you have with you, and your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad is what you have with you, that's great, but it can also get a little boring at times. That's where the Mujjor fisheye comes in. It's not for high-end photographers (they've already got lenses that cost more than the iPhone!), but for people who want to experiment, add a little spice, and switch things up from the regular old Camera app shots.

It's also adorable. Available in green, blue, white, red and black, the Mujjo fisheye comes with a stretchy, bungee style cord that lets you easily attach to a keychain or anywhere convenient so you have it with you and don't need to worry about it getting lost. It attaches to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with a gummy type adhesive that keeps it reasonably well attached without leaving unsightly residue on your precious mobile device.

To take a fishey picture, just stick the Mujjo onto your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and use the built in Camera app or any App Store app you like -- Instagram would be a really fun choice!

You can fit way more into the picture with a Mujjo fisheye lens... even if it does warp around you.

You'll notice right away that you can fit a lot more into the picture, even if it's massively distorted. Video is a little different, however. Because the iPhone 4S crops the capture size down to 1080p, and the iPhone 4, iPad 2, and iPod touch 4 crop it down to 720p, you only get the middle of the fisheye effect. That makes video look much less warped than photos but still fits much more in the frame.

Again, it's not a high end lens, it's just a lot of fun to play around with, a great way to get started to see if you like specialty lenses, and something especially fabulous and inexpensive to let kids play around with.

The good

  • Inexpensively priced
  • Cute design
  • Highly portable
  • Works with any smartphone or tablet

The bad

  • Sticky backing needs to be kept clean from lint and dust
  • Not a high quality lens

The bottom line

The Mujjo fisheye is a great little novelty lets that's cute, small, easy to carry, and a lot of fun to play around with, especially for kids. It works with the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, or any smartphone or tablet, and is a cheap way take your mobile photography in a new direction.

It's not for pros, but it is for anyone just starting out, and would make a great novelty gift, stocking stuffer, loot bag treat, or just rainy day surprise.

€9.95 - Buy now

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We've got some Mujjo's to give away! Leave a comment below telling us what you'd like to photograph with a fisheye and you're entered for a chance to win!


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