Why this Vizio 4K TV matches great with your Apple TV at $50 off before Prime Day

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While our best Prime Day iPad deals list highlights some great ways in how you can watch movies and TV shows wherever you are, you can still find a great deal on other products that work well with Apple's line of products, and this TV from Vizio is no different, especially when you pair it with an Apple TV.

Even though Prime Day isn't due to officially start until July 11, a bunch of televisions have begun to drop down in price, such as saving $50 on this Vizio MQ6 Series 4V TV on Amazon.

At 43 inches which includes Dolby Vision, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to start with, it would be a great companion to the Apple TV if you're a subscriber to a bunch of Apple's services.

Watch the rest of the MLS season in style

Vizio MQ6 43-inch 4K TV |  $299 at Amazon

Vizio MQ6 43-inch 4K TV | $349 $299 at Amazon

An Apple TV deserves to showcase what it's capable of with a great TV, and this Vaio TV at $50 off exemplifies that. With Dolby Vision, 4K resolution, and an LED display, you'll be able to play an Apple Arcade game, watch an MLS match, or the latest Apple TV Plus show in the best quality.

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It's only in recent years that 4K has been made widely available to streaming services. Still, live television channels like the BBC in the U.K. and ABC in the U.S. often show content in 1080p.

BBC iPlayer has been making 4K content available through streaming - such as King Charles III's coronation back in May, so while you can't currently watch 4K content through a TV guide, there are plenty of streaming options available that do output at 4K.

From Netflix to Disney Plus and Apple's own TV Plus service, this Vaio TV will be able to showcase all this in a great 4K picture. Combine this with the MLS Season Pass available to buy on Apple TV Plus for 50% off, albeit in a 1080p resolution, it's a great time to look into a TV that takes advantage of today's modern features, especially if you're looking for an upgrade.

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