Mac Touch Concept Rendering

Marketwatch is citing "checks" and saying that Apple's unannounced, still mythical iTablet will begin production in February, "implying" a launch in March or April. The iTablet and also-unnannounced companion services delivered via iTunes are said to feature:

  • 10.1 inch multi-touch LCD (no OLED)
  • Traditional Apple 30/70 split for print publishers (which is better than Amazon's traditional 50/50)
  • To be sold at an average price of $1,000 at a 22% margin

Price sounds high to us. Apple has had tablet concepts in the vault since before the iPhone but they've never made it past Steve Jobs. He's going to need to see a market for them and a price that delivers that market. Apple is premium, but they've already got the iPod touch at under $500 and the MacBook at over $1000 (both of which provide great balances of portability and functionality). If a place exists for an iTablet, it would seem to be between those two points.