If your 2020 New Year's resolutions involve keeping better track of your belongings, these new Tile Sticker Bluetooth Trackers could come in handy. They make it easy to locate your items using an app on your phone, and thanks to a sale at Amazon, you can save on the purchase of a two-pack or four-pack while supplies last. The two-pack is on sale for $29.99 saving you $10 off its usual cost, while the four-pack is on sale for $47. That's an even better deal saving you $13 off the set's regular price.

These new Bluetooth trackers from Tile are the company's most versatile yet. Each one is small and has an adhesive backing that makes it easy to stick them virtually wherever you'd like. You could put one on your remote control, one on your wireless earbuds case, and another in your wallet.

Lost and found

Tile Sticker Bluetooth Trackers

The new Tile Sticker is capable of sticking to virtually anything so you never lose track of your most important items. They have a 3-year battery life, 150-foot range, and can even be used to find your phone. Grab two for $30 or four for just $47.

$47.00 $59.99 $13 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

The Tile Sticker features a 3-year battery life and a 150-foot range. Using an app on your phone, you'll be able to make any Tile Sticker ring whenever you need to locate the device it's stuck to. On the other hand, you can even press a button on any Tile Sticker to make your phone ring in case it's ever lost. That functionality works even when your phone is on silent, which is super helpful for those who never have their ringer on.

Tile's app even has a map feature which shows you when and where you left something last. If you lose an item away from your home, you can anonymously recruit other Tile users to help you locate the item; a feature sends location updates to your app alone when a Tile user comes close enough to the lost item, though only you would ever receive any indication of where it is.

With a device such as the Amazon Echo Dot, you'll even be able to ask Alexa to help you locate any lost item attached to one of the Tile trackers.

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