New Apple Pencil stock begins arriving at Apple Stores in the U.S.

New Apple Pencil shipments are going out to Apple retail stores today, following the company's promise to push regular shipments to their retail outlets despite supply shortages. The Apple Pencil has been in short supply since the iPad Pro went on sale last week. The online store is now estimating a wait of 4 to 5 weeks for shipments of new orders to start going out, so hitting up an Apple retail store is probably your best bet for securing a stylus for your new iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil

So far, we've confirmed that Apple Stores in the following locations have Apple Pencil stock in-hand: Natick, MA; Providence, RI; Westfarms, CT; New York City, NY. It's entirely likely that Apple Pencil stock has hit other retail stores as well, so your local store might be worth checking out.

Have you gotten your hands on an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

  • I was able to walk in and buy one of the 9 on display at the Cerritos, CA Apple store. Looks like today was the day many stores got their first real shipment of pencils in.
  • About time. It was really odd they didn't have a decent stock ready to go for the launch - unless they had a last minute problem, of course. Off topic. For some reason my Mail isn't sending. I paired the iPad Pro to work with my iPhone, and it was working until tonight, but for some reason it isn't sending e-mails in the Apple Mail app now. I've tried switching the mail accounts off and back on, and rebooting both devices - but no joy. Can anyone help? Pleeeeeease? Sent from the iMore App
  • Can anyone help? My Mail isn't working, since tonight. I bought iPad Pro last week, and everything was fine till tonight. I've toggled the nail on and off, done a reboot of both phone and pad. I need help, please. Sent from the iMore App
  • It's about bloody time! Now I just have to wait for mine to ship.
  • Does anyone else hear a noise when touching certain parts of the screen on the iPad Pro? I'm wondering if that's normal (for the Pencil pressure sensitivity) or if there's something wrong with mine,
  • Living with the Pro since opening day...just walked and picked one up. Only about three folks in a crowded store making the purchase. Spent some time with Apple tech support today uploading crash report....the next day after purchase after powering off and charging overnight - very low charge out of the box and seemed to charge very slowly. Anywaaay, it didn't want to power up. Did the familiar hold down power and home button for about 20 " but it didn't respond. Called AppleCare and tried it again, holding down for over a minute and it finally rose from the dead. Howseomever, over the next week, when it went to sleep, I'd hit the home button and while the lock screen appeared, neither the home button nor the numeric keypad would respond to touch, (slide to open would work occasionally) I had to hold the power button for about 5-10 seconds and then the home button and Touch ID would respond and then happy traveling. I write for a living and using Siri on a full size screen with keyboarding for editing was faster and more accurate than dragon on either my MacBook Air, Mac Pro or Surface Pro. Since no pencils were available I'm definitely missing force touch, a mouse or stylus for tapping, highlighting and editing. Using the Logitech keyboard, though a tad top heavy is superior to the surface pro in 'lapability' and the ability. To type on a large screen keyboard with legs crossed is a plus. Best of all, for consuming my morning 'papers' without glasses, it's a better experience than the iPad Air, kindle, various tablets that collect dust or the surface pro. Despite this positive review, my initial reaction was negative. Weight, IOS shortcomings, (very dated compared to Windows 10 -want to be able to size icons and fill up the wasted screen real estate) and having to continually swipe back and forth - fingers get tired and old person arthritis kicks in. But after a week, it's turned into an efficient 'first draft' machine as well as the best device for browsing, reading and researching. I was going to return it and still have time. But reconsidering it now. It manages takes that, with some limitations, previously had me switching during the day from tablet to laptop to desktop. In conclusion, the overall cost may be offputting but deceiving. Tim Cook may be correct, it can take the place of PC (or Mac) for many users.
  • Went to the Natick Collection in Natick, MA and picked up an Apple Pencil from the shelf I the Apple Store. Thanks for the heads up! There were another 5 or so left on the shelf when I got mine at 6:30 PM or so.
  • Still showing 4-5 weeks shipping in the store app. Sent from the iMore App
  • I was able to get one at Braintree,MA store. They had about 10.
  • I got mine (one of two on the shelf) at at 10:01 this morning the only Apple Store in Tucson, AZ. Sent from the iMore App
  • Come to NZ we got all iPad pro variants colours in stock with Apple pencil and smart covers but still waiting on the keyboards we just got a stock replen today as well yay Sent from the iMore App