The new Nomad Expedition Lightning Cable has arrived, and for $34.95 you can change your life. Basically.

This is built with Dupont Kevlar Fiber, also known as the stuff they create bulletproof vests with. The Kevlar is braided both inside and outside, meaning the cable has extreme abrasion resistance and strength. The MFi 1.5-meter cable won't let you down, no matter how often you bend it, unplug it, yank on it, step on it, or whatever else it is you do to your poor charging cables.

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Your purchase is guaranteed to last for at least five years, and it includes a silicone cable tie for convenience.

Of course, if you're anything like me and you have a tendency to lose physical cables themselves, you might want to invest in something like an AmazonBasics Nylon Braided Lightning Cable. You won't be able to charge your phone on a frozen tundra while getting mauled by a bear, but if you lose it, you won't be out $35.

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