Coronavirus patch fitted to manSource: Northwestern University

What you need to know

  • A new patch can detect coronavirus symptoms.
  • The patch syncs with an iPad app.
  • It's designed to be charged wirelessly once per day.

A new patch has been developed that is capable of detecting the symptoms of coronavirus including coughing and breathing difficulties, according to a CNET report.

The device is designed to be attached to a user's chest where it can then keep tabs on whether they are coughing or struggling to breathe. The patch can last a full day before being removed and then placed onto a wireless charger. It's at that point that the data is synced to an iPad app and uploaded to the cloud.

Once a day you peel it off and place it on a wireless charger, which triggers the patch to sync its stored data with a nearby iPad. From there the data is uploaded to a HIPAA-compliant cloud where a proprietary AI algorithm examines it for anomalies related to COVID-19. The device has no external ports for power or connectivity, making it easier to disinfect.

The unit is around the size of a large postage stamp and is designed to be used by those who are at a higher risk of infection. It's also able to detect a potential coronavirus infection particularly early, according to the company that makes it. Right now all data is being double-checked by a trained professional, but it's possible that the patch could handle a full diagnosis on its own eventually.