New WeMo sensors spread through the home, including the pipes

A whole batch of new smarthome sensors from Belkin have been announced at CES which include a new WeMo room motion sensor, an alarm upgrade system, and a magnetic sensor for windows and doors. The most interesting of the bunch is an accessory that installs into your home's plumbing to monitor water usage. As usual, they connect to your home Wi-Fi network for all sorts of smart home utilities accessible from your phone.

WeMo Water senses pressure changes based on things like turning on faucets and flushing the toilet, and can detect plumbing problems. Right now, WeMo water is undergoing field trials.

There's also a new keychain sensor so your WeMo system can know when you're home, plus a dedicated hardware button lets you control other connected devices.

The alarm system intelligently recognizes nearby audio alarms and translates them to smart alerts for your device when triggered.

Besides all of the new WeMo stuff, Belkin also announced a new Lightning cables, a few new backup batteries, and a commercial-grade screen protector application kit.

The new WeMo sensors should be available on store shelves in the second half of 2015, though there's no estimated timeframe for when we might be able to snag WeMo Water.

Source: Belkin, Belkin

Simon Sage

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