Nomad unveils new line of Kevlar-covered cables for all your tech

Nomad today released a new set of seriously rugged cables for all your tech including Lightning, USB-C and Micro-USB connectors. Constructed with a Kevlar outer braid as well as Kevlar internal reinforcement, these hard-wearing cables are sure to outlive the cables that came with your devices.

There are 11 new cables launching in total with various lengths and with differing connector types. Prices range from $25 to $45. Apple users will be pleased to learn that a USB-C to Lightning option is available in 1.5M or 3M with support for 18W charging speeds. There are also USB-C to USB-C versions with support for up to 100W charging speeds that will work great with a USB-C-equipped MacBook, iPad Pro or Android phone. Regular USB-A to Lightning cables are on sale if you just want a durable upgrade to your existing iPhone cable.

Perhaps the most exciting options on sale are the universal cables. You can grab them from 0.3M to 3M with USB-A on one end and Micro-USB, USB-C, and Lightning adapters on the other end — perfect for travelling with. Alternatively, you can pick up a universal USB-C cable that is a USB-C core cable with a USB-A adaptor on one end and a Micro-USB adapter on the other to suit a variety of use cases.

The Kevlar cables join a product portfolio already known for its high quality that includes charging pads, phone cases, cables, Apple Watch bands, and more. The new Kevlar cables are available to order today from Nomad.

Adam Oram

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