Phil from Android Central is live at the Nook event in New York City and he got his geeky hands on a Nook Tablet already. While the Kindle Fire is getting all the attention -- and iPad 2 competitive chatter -- Nook has been around for a while and as Phil points out, like Apple but unlike Amazon, Barnes and Noble has a retail presence to help push their gear.

All that being said, Nook Tablet, like Kindle Fire, is aimed differently than iPad, focusing on a cheaper price and easy access to content (at least for people who live in the US). It's running a heavily skinned, highly customize version of Android Gingerbread (no Honeycomb for you!), and it's not going to be running Real Racing 2 HD over AirPlay Mirroring any time soon.

Whether it catches on, or catches up to anything approaching iPad 2's market, much less profit, share is anyone's guess at this point.

Source: Android Central

Nook Tablet hands on: iPad competitor or Kindle Fire catch up?