Norway's Prime Minister, NSA's 3-star General -- iPad users!

Looks like the heads of Norway, and the American National Security Agency (NSA), have both gotten their hands on Apple's new iPad and -- they like it.

First it was Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stotlenberg, who was snapped using an iPad while waiting out the volcanic ash-imposed flight delays back to Europe. Looks like he was also sporting Apple's iPad case, which based on our quick review isn't exactly the best choice to avoid nasty ash stains... Still, watching an entire nation being run on an iPad -- the future is here.

Speaking of -- and on -- the future of nations and computing, Forbes reports that current NSA boss and 3-star general Keith Alexander (who may soon be 4-star general, in charge of US Cyber Command) testified that he had an iPad as well, and that it was "wonderful".

While we don't generally cover iPhone sightings here on TiPb anymore because (sorry sibling sites), they're pretty much mainstream and in half the TV shows and hands we see these days, early political adoption struck us as beyond cool.

Anyone else running anything else interesting on their iPads?

Rene Ritchie

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