One for All turns your iPad into a giant universal TV remote with Nevo

One for All, known for a range of universal TV remotes has expanded its range to now include the iPad with the Nevo WiFi bridge and accompanying application. Also compatible with Android tablets, the Nevo gives you the biggest universal remote you could probably want in your home.

The WiFi bridge element is placed somewhere in the same room as your TV – or other compatible home entertainment equipment – and receives the signal from your iPad and then turns it into a friendlier Infra Red signal. If you're using a compatible set-top box or TV you also get an interactive programming guide. Two weeks of information can be stored here complete with photos and cast information.

The Nevo costs £59 with a free download for the app, and is available from a variety of retailers. Is an iPad sized TV remote something for you?

Source: One for All

Richard Devine

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