iPad O2, Orange, Vodafone UK iPad data pricing

Orange was first out the gate with iPad 3G data plans in the UK, and now O2 and Vodafone are finally showing their hands as well. The plans certainly look more flexible than AT&T's US plans, though the lack of real unlimited data is apparent. No ability to add the iPad to an existing account like Rogers in Canada either.

Orange UK iPad data plans

  • 5p (per MB)
  • £2 200MB/day
  • £7.50 1GB/7 days
  • £15 3G/month
  • £25 10GB/month

The last two plans also include access to Orange's Wi-Fi hotspots.

O2 iPad data plans

  • £2 500MB/day
  • £10 1GB/30 days
  • £15 3GB/30 days

All plans are recurring and include access to O2's Wi-Fi hotspots.

Vodafone iPad data plans

  • £10.00 250MB per month
  • £25.00 5GB per month

[Apple Online Store UK, O2, thanks for the details, Chris!]

If you're picking up an iPad Wi-Fi + 3G in the UK, let us know which carrier and what plan you're picking up with it. And what you think of the rates.

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