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Otterbox talks protection and new Livestrong cases at CES 2012

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Otterbox has long been known for their heavy duty protection. We had an opportunity to talk to them here at CES 2012 about what they consider when designing their cases. Material selection and protection level are heavy factors.

Otterbox is also launching a new Livestrong case in partnership with Radio Shack. A portion of the proceeds of every case sale will go towards Radio Shack's $6M commitment for the Livestrong foundation.

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • So they improved the overall build quality of the case
    but removed the screen protector?
    Then its not a defender, its an impact.
    I'm not putting a Zagg screen protector on my phone only to have it peel off at the edges in 3 months like they always do for everyone.
    Looks like I will hold on to my Griffin Survivor for my iPhone4 a little longer. Don't worry OtterBox I still love you.
  • Prince will Quit...
  • Amazon rocks because there's no sales tax Makes this MUCH cheaper.