Overboard vs Aquapac in iPhone 4 water torture test - Amazing Case [give away]

If you had to trust a water-proof case to protect your precious iPhone 4 during a torture test, which would it be -- the Overboard or the Aquapac? That's the challenge they gave me for the latest episode of TiPb's Amazing Case, our hardcore, case vs case tests of strength, durability, and performance.

We figure if either -- or both -- of these water cases could survive being thrown into the deep end and taken through the high-pressure car wash then they can survive a dip in the tub or day at the beach.

Follow on after the jump for the details, and the give-away!

Aquapac vs Overboard

Truth be told these two cases are very similar. Both are clear plastic that retains the capacitive touch so you can keep using your iPhones while they're inside. (At least when you're out of the water -- no capacitive touch can work when you're under water). This means you can still make calls, record video, check the web, etc. with ease.

The Overboard has a black outer lining that does conceal part of the iPhone which I found kind of annoying. The Aquapac is clear all the way around allowing you to be able to see the whole screen of the iPhone and use the camera without having to worry about the view being obstructed.

Both the Overboard and the Aquapac have hard plastic seals that close tightly and securely. They do allow a small amount of water to get caught in the closure though, so you need to open the cases with caution or you risk dripping water on your iPhones. And yes, both cases are equally hard to get iPhones into and out of.

Lanyards are included with both the Overboard and the Aquapac so you can hold onto them or tie them to something to make sure you don't lose them in the water.

It should be mentioned that the Aquapac has a three year warranty which covers the phone if damaged in proper use (would a carwash count?). The overboard has a 1 year warranty but this does not cover the phone. Thanks Andy!

Fight! (and give-away)

So which water proof case was the most protective? No spoilers! You have to watch the video above for the results of our Overboard vs Aquapac ultimate iPad scratch test.

When you're done leave me a reply in the comments below and tell me which one you'd rather have protecting your iPhone 4 -- Overboard or Aquapac -- and where exactly you want to take you iPhone 4 that it needs water protection.

We have a one of each to give away, so make sure you leave a valid email address so we can contact you if you win. (US mailing address required for delivery).

Ready? Fight!


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