OverBoard waterproof case for iPad review

"The OverBoard waterproof case for iPad is a must-have for everything from the bath to the beach, but can be a little tough to close if your hands are covered in suds or tanning lotion."

I absolutely love waterproof cases like the OverBoard for when I'm traveling. They work exceptionally well to keep your iPad or iPad 2 clean and dry, and can double as a handy place to store some cash and credit cards as well. They also work great at home, letting you enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub while reading, surfing the web, or playing your favorite iPad game.

The OverBoard waterproof case for iPad is exceptionally clear on one side and padded on the other. It might be nice to have it clear on both sides, so you could use the rear-facing camera for when you're out and about. However, when you realize beaches, bathtubs, hiking trips, rafting excursions, and pretty much any place you'd like to use it is also not a place you'd want to drop it, you start to appreciate the padding more.

To further protect against dropping your iPad, the OverBoard case has a hand strap conveniently located on the back. Not only does this let you easily use your iPad one handed, but if you are in the bathtub, it leaves the other hand free for a beverage as well. Decadent, but oh so worth it!

Now, the closures on this particular OverBoard case were more difficult to line up and seal than previous ones I've reviewed. Take your time, align everything carefully, apply sufficient force (use those guns, bikini chicks!), and you should be okay.

You can choose to use the OverBoard by itself, which is ideal for the bath, or you can use the included shoulder strap -- water-murse, anyone? -- or carabiner if you're traveling or hiking.

To see how well waterproof cases in general, and the OverBoard in specific hold up to everything from the deep end of the pool and a car wash to a dishwasher and RC boat race, check out these torture tests;

  • TiPb TV 20: Bond boat bash
  • Overboard vs Aquapac in iPhone 4 water torture test

Also, if you're joining us for mobile nations fitness month, and your exercise of choice involves walking or hiking in rainy, snowy, or wet regions, the OverBoard is perfect to help keep your iPad safe and protected. If Swimming or water sports are your thing, while I wouldn't suggest actually taking your iPad in with you, the OverBoard can keep your iPad from getting wet while your review or record your progress.

The good

  • Crystal clear plastic on the front
  • Protective padding on the rear
  • Hand strap for one-handed use
  • Shoulder strap and carabiner options

The bad

  • Requires a little too much strength to close
  • Padding covers up rear camera

The bottom line

The OverBoard waterproof case for iPad is a must-have for everything from the bath to the beach, but can be a little tough to close if your hands are covered in suds or tanning lotion.

$44.95 - Buy now

The giveaway

Simply leave a comment below telling us where you'd most like to use an OverBoard waterproof case for iPad of your very own! Giveaway starts now and ends Sunday, February 5 at midnight PT. (U.S. shipping address required for delivery. Sorry!)


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector and Isometric podcasts, follow her on Twitter @Georgia_Dow and check out her series at anxiety-videos.com.

  • I'd like to use it in St. Maarten!
  • on the boat on Lake Michigan!
  • In the bath tub and also on the boat on Lake Texoma when the weather gets nicer. :)
  • I have three little girls and three reasons why I would love to win this case:
    1 - bathing. I administer the baths and they tend to splash when I want to read - problem resolved
    2 - going to the coast for the to run around,I sand and water are not my iPad 2's friend - problem resolved
    3 - taking them to swimming lessons I am always paranoid about the water - problem resolved
    I think this case would resolve a lot of my water related issues!
  • in an underwater cave exploration
  • This would be great e navigating on the raritan bay
  • I would help on my worries when going to St. Thomas this May.
  • I would love to use this on the beach in st Thomas while drinking an ice cold beverage.
  • I see myself using in while at Coney Island with the family.
  • I'd use it for my yearly trips to Mammoth Lake
  • Id use it while tubing down Bow River this summer.
  • For those days at the beach when a light rain comes through and I just want to wait it out.
  • I would like to use it on Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. I control my telescope with my iPad at 9000 feet as I share the night sky with visitors. Sometimes I have to put the iPad in a ziplock bag to keep the moisture out!
  • Living in Seattle, my electronics always suffer from the oh-so-infamous mist. I'd use the OverBoard all the time, especially when I head to the beach for some volleyball -- in Hawaii.
  • I would most likely use it while I'm taking a bath. I'm sick of my wrists being strained for long periods of time
  • Would be great when sailing.
  • Wow, I want to win a lot of contests, don't get me wrong but this one, this is so must have.
    I take my kids swimming a lot and I can't always go in with them, so to be able to enjoy my iPad while being able to look up and enjoy my time with them? Epic win!! Please please, pretty pretty please with cream, sugar and something else you all love on top? ;)
  • A bathtub safe ipad2 case? My dreams have come true! My case would be spending a lot of time cruising just above the bubbles in the tub and it would also be spending some quality time enjoying the beach in Oahu!
  • I would use the cover to protect it from what I call "life".
  • Sounds like a perfect thing to use while sitting by the pool and drinking margarita! No worries about any spills... ;)
  • At the waild wady water park ;)
  • I would totally bathe with my iPad if I won this. And I'm a 23 year old male. Haha I'm dead serious!
  • I would enjoy the overboard sitting in a warm spring rain
  • The pool next summer for me. But seriously I tell many people their elderly relatives need iPads. And this would keep them safe in a nursing home or at home. My mother would have been on her iPad constantly.
  • The name says it all.
  • I would use it on the boat, by and in the pool and at the beach.
  • i think i should win this since am yet to have a case for my ipad 2
  • In the shower of course.
  • Canoeing with boy scouts!
  • Electronics are very frowned upon on scouting adventures. But I guess you could claim GPS. Still a stretch.
  • it's the perfect case when I let my kiddos use the iPad :)
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway
  • Perfect for the family trip to Great Wolf Lodge the largest indoor water park I've ever seen. I sit on the side without fear, how nice that would be.
  • I would love to read in the bath and go fishing, with this case I could take my iPad along!
  • I would love to have this for when I am on my boat. No worries with splashes, mist or a sprinkle.
  • I'll sell it and buy Georgia 2 new angry birds shirts. ;D
  • I would love this for the beach or hiking by the beach.
  • Boracay, Philippines
  • On our sailboat during the the notorious rough water in Bellingham Bay heading to the San Juan Islands.
  • I want to use it in the bath and in Mexico, and possibly in a bath in Mexico.
  • I would love this!
  • I'd use it in my apartment. My roof leaks like crazy. My iPad has a magical ability to figure out where the new leaks will be and will itself to be there.
  • on the island of Kauai. My wife and I SO want to go back!
  • I agree with "aileronguy," a little protection from the water and sand along the North Shore or Anahola Beach would be very appreciative. Now we just need a "Join iMore in Kauai!" trip give-a-way. ;)
  • in a tub. with candles. scented candles. and a white-russian beverage.
    i'll send pics if i win.... also, i'm a guy. :P
  • As a police officer we deal with many situations on the water. I use my iPad to keep my notes together, and this would give it great protection from salt-water!
  • For my wife to use while take her bubble bath and on our trips to the beach!!!!
  • Why would you put your money and credit cards in the same case as your iPad? So when your iPad gets stolen, the thief gets a tip?
    Anyway, cool case minus the lack of back camera.
  • The bath or in the kitchen are the most likely placed I'd use this case.
  • I'd love to be using the case on our trip to the Exumas in May aboard our private 51' Catamaran!
  • I would use this on our trip to Ft. Lauderdale to see my in-laws, on our fishing boat or swimming in the backyard with the kids.
  • I would use this case during my planned proposal to my girlfriend whilst on the mountains in Boone. Though having the rear facing camera would allow for better photograpnhy, the case would allow me to take the pictures outside in the snow without worrying about another thing ;)
  • Wow this great just what I need. Take public transportation and I always worry is my iPad ok on days when it rain and I forget my umbrella
  • This would be sweet for exploring the bay side backcountry of the Florida Keys!
  • For real though- just around my kids but also for some quiet tub time reading and I don't have to worry about an oops!
  • Pretty slick case. I'd take it diving in the Caribbean.
  • Nice to have for the beach!
  • I often go to beach with my dog and a waterproof holder would guarantee that my ipad2 would stay dry.
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  • id want it for when im getting freaky with my gf at the hottub or shower doing a playback of what we did earlier!
  • I would use it while traveling on the Atlantic in beautiful Ogunquit, Maine.
  • I would use it while roaming the Atlantic near beautiful Ogunquit, Maine.
  • I live in FL so I'm always at the beach or on a boat which would make it perfect! I've never brought my ipad since I'm terrified of getting it wet and this would be amazing!
  • I want to prevent The Pepsie Syndrome (old SNL spoof of movie The China Syndrome)
  • At a ski lodge in the Cascades.
  • I hate when I keep spilling beer on my expensive electronic equipment. This would save me everytime!
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