President Obama signs iPad

Sylvester Caan dropped us a note to tell us (and show us!) his iPad being signed by US President Barak Obama. Take it away, Sylvester:

At a rally in Seattle, WA at the University of Washington, the President used the touchscreen on my iPad to give me his autograph.He looked slightly surprised, but proceeded to use his finger to scribble on the iPad using the Adobe Ideas app.

How well was he able to sign? Check out the results after the break. And if you and your iPhone or iPad have had any brushes with power or celebrity, let us know in the comments!

Rene Ritchie

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  • Love it!
  • yeah... for some reason a real pen and paper signature, to me, would be a little more lasting than a digital copy. kind of like why I am printing out all of my digital photos not, because I never seem to ever actually look at them whey they are on my computer.
  • That just rendered a perfectly good iPad worthless.
  • That is way cool!
  • What a pathetic excuse for a president
  • That is awesome! What a fantastic use for your iPad. Barack ba-rocks!
  • I never actually thought about having a celeb or someone you want a signature from signing your slate/pad/electronic device instead. I tend to find I'm using less and less paper in my life so this would be perfect.
  • No matter what your political position, you've gotta admit that's pretty cool! Technology advancing and used creatively!!!
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  • ehhehe funny :)
  • That's pretty awesome.
    Although a piece of paper seems more verifiable or real, I'm guessing one reason Sylvester stood out (besides apparently TOWERING above the rest of the student body) is because his request was unique. And, Y'know, a picture of the moment trumps everything else.
    Plus, he didn't have to scan the autograph. :-D
  • I love the faces of the two girls on either side of Obama's head in this picture. Literally shock and awe. :)
  • Now that is totally cool
  • So, is this an Obama fan site now?
  • Remember that Rene is candian, they're our Obama lovin' neighbors to the north.
  • @Mark, I think it is more of a "cool iPad story" than pro/con Obama story. It could have been any American President and it would be very cool, to me at least.:)
  • Look at all the crybabies here focusing on Obama than the iPad
    Guy with iPad: Whatup Barack, wanna sign my iPad?
  • Love it! Barack does rock!
  • Isn't that a little dangerous? Having a digital copy of someone's signature?
    "Yes sir, I have a billion dollar check that the U.S. President signed for me"
  • @pivale Well, a standard signature on paper can be scanned and digitized anyway.
  • @pivale:
    I'm confused. Why is it any different than having a signature on paper that can just be digitized?
  • He obviously thought it was another spending bill full of unfunded entitlements.
  • Barack Sucks!
  • Ignoring the people complaining about Obama instead of focusing on the story (or not)... The President's first name is misspelled.
  • Hmm..wonder what you might be able to do with an electronic copy of the BO signature? Could be fun! A signed love letter to Hugo Chavez, maybe?
  • This truly is disgusting....
  • That is pretty cool. I would have wanted him to sign the back of it though.
  • Some of you guys are being losers! You want to complain about our Our President, go to forums and watch Fox News. This is pretty cool. Maybe I can get McNabb to sign mine at the Eagles game. This will be the future of signatures.
  • Nice! Good to see Obama doing some good these days.. :P Nah, he's doing some good things out there, but this is just COOL!
  • How’s that for hope and change. Now your iPad is worthless, just like the clown who signed it.
  • Obama FTW!
    About time someone uses their brain instead of the bible to make decisions.
    He's doing great, considering he has to deal with the racist, bible thumping conservative right more than anyone in recent memory.
  • Mike you're showing yourself to be an ass by making a ridiculous sweeping generalization, but that's par for the course for your type. Obama OTP is more like it.
  • Haha... Now that's pretty cool! Way to think outside the box, kid.
  • @ Will. Regardless of what you and others may think of YOUR president (some of you guys hate that with a passion but it's true) he will be Your president for the next 6 years
  • Obama sucks
  • I think TiPB has more tea baggers than Apple fanboys...
  • All politics aside, this is a really cool idea and video. Obama seems to get a kick out of it.
  • @jeff - you may be right. We work hard and play hard and earn our money the right way. No sorry handouts here. Cool idea, bad president.
  • Not a fan of Obama, but I'm an iPad fan. That's just sweet.
  • @CadillacEfromDC - wishful thinking. Obama has lost the independent/moderate vote. Would you be interested in making a wager on the outcome of the 2012 election? Not even all the dead people who consistently vote democratic will be able to pull that one off.
    @Jeff Higgins - shame on you for your disgusting choice in pejoratives. It demeans anything else you may have to say.
  • You know the sad part about all of this is. People were so busy bashing the President. That they didn't even see what the article was saying. To me it was saying that the President keeps up with the times to even know what an iPad is. Better yet sign it, he didn't have to sign it. Let's remember that people. Yeah you have the right to your opinion. That's true, but if it always has a negative reply. It's probaly best you keep it to yourself. Besides if any of us were put in his position right now. We couldn't keep up either so don't kid yourselves. Lets just remember he asked for this position. I don't recall any of us standing in line for the job interview. Just a thought
  • "Obama lovin’ neighbors to the north."
    because canada is suffering so much economically, what with their overly regulated banks and decrepit decades old entitlement programs. it's an absolute economic wasteland up there. if only canada stopped with all the "handouts", maybe then the canadian dollar would be at par with the USD. eyeroll
    anyway, the obama groupies in the lineup creeped me right out with all the "i love you obama!" wailing, and i can understand how that would be alienating to a lot of people.
    to bring the politics back to apple. there was a great interview at the All Things Digital conference a while back with Walt Mossberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. One of the questions related to pressing issues and advice for the upcoming president of the United States.
    Jobs: "Boy, we’ve got some pretty big problems and I think most of them are much bigger than anything Silicon Valley can contribute right now to solve. So hopefully some of those will get solved. I also think we underestimate how much all of our industry depends on stability. We’ve enjoyed, you know, a long period of stability and we’ve been able to focus on technology and growing our businesses and stuff and I think we take that for granted sometimes."
    in an economy, having wildly successful "winners" is great. they can pool capital and invest it. this can [but not always] lead to innovation, efficiencies and a higher standard of living for everyone. but problems arise when the system that allows for these "winners" leads to a large segment of destitute, pay-check to pay-check or bankrupt "losers", who might be really really really hard workers who lost their job because some investment banker really really really screwed up.
    it's not bad just because people losing their jobs and homes is sad, it is also bad because it introduce stability and volatility into the economy. if you want a metaphor, think of the economy as a sailing ship. then think of the government as ballast. ballast might at first seem like totally inefficient dead weight, but it is actually very important to the overall stability of the ship.
    which brings me back to steve jobs and apple. because if the economy devolves into "winner-takes-all", apple loses. so do a lot of companies. because you can only sell so many iPads to 2% of the population and if 2% of the population ends up with the vast majority of the wealth in a winner-takes-all economic free-for-all, apple is screwed. so are a lot of companies, and so is the economy as a whole.
    this isn't communism or socialism, but merely an acknowledgment that the concentration of wealth and capital formation is extremely beneficial .. until the point where it isn't. so these things require balance, nuance, care, and nothing like the black and white free market maximalism or eat the rich dorm room marxism that has dominated political discourse in america for the past decade.
  • pretty sure mcnabb plays for the redskins
  • If Obama signed my iPad, I'd be thrilled. If George Bush signed my iPad, I'd also be thrilled. Same goes for Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., and any other living President. Some of you guys need to get a life and stop watching so much political television. Odds are you aren't getting the truth anyway...
  • Hey, Mr. Crock Osama, instead of trying to act like a unmeritorious star like you're in Hollywood or something, how about "signing" something worthwhile like effective Bills in Congress to revive this dead economy that's going to hell in a handbasket driven by you!?!
  • @striatic
    I fell asleep on the 2nd sentence of your soliloquy. Brevity!
  • Typo: It's "Barack", not "Barak". But this is quite cool. :-)
  • @Alex that's what I was thinking the entire time. Break out a sharpie and sign the back of the iPad.
  • The story is not about the's about the iPad, hence the name of the site!
  • lol thats pretty original.
    props to him for not drooling all over the president like everyone else was.
  • Great now his ipad is worth even less.
  • I can see it on Pawn Stars in 20 years. Might get 20 bucks for it.
  • I gotta say that's an ugly signature coming from such a great intellectual. Lol
  • @Will. So who is gonna beat Your President Obama? Newt Gingrich? Palin? McCain? Christine O'donnell? Wake up and smell the roses and watch his rallies. He WON in America because he did what McCain couldn't, secure the YOUNG VOTE, no excuses, accept that! You guys dont have any leaders, no front runners. Just fools who makes your party look crazy. Making a "internet bet" doesn't help but if I knew you I would bet my 3G Ipad and 3 Grand NO ONE is beating Obama in 2012. I work from home and follow politics closely so I can be here all night proving my point
    Sorry TIPB making this a political discussion. What's the name of that app?
  • @CadillacEfromDC
    Adobe Idea app, read the article
  • Wow! John Salley got the president to sign his iPad!! That's cool!
  • lol sorry , i didnt read this post , the picture was priceless.
  • @Striatic Don't forget where we'll be getting our water in ten years...
  • Wow, so many peoples and then he signs he's ipad anyway, well done i have to say :D! i need an ipad.. ill do the same if an famous guy/girl is close!
    (Sry bad english!)
  • Great. Now, we'll need to repeal that thing too.
  • So let me get this straight. You now have a digital copy of the President's signature? One that you could like copy and paste? Doesn't sound very smart of the President if you ask me.
  • @Scott M ... his signature is all over the net anyway from all the public documents he signs, etc.
  • "Mr President, sign my iPad, PLEASE"
  • Too bad the iPad doesn't have a front facing camera. You could have videotaped the act first person...
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