The Amazon App has an easy way to save an extra 20% this Prime Day

Have you tried out the Amazon App's Camera features yet? The app can identify and even let you buy a product on Amazon by simply holding your phone's camera up to it. It works as a barcode scanner too, and this month, Amazon customers with an active Prime membership can score an exclusive 20% off coupon to use toward select products when you put one of the camera's features to use before July 15. It's extremely easy to use the camera, and you'll be able to redeem the coupon afterward instantly. Best of all, this offer is available for everyone, even if you have already used the Camera features on the Amazon App before.

Currently, there are three products on which you can use the 20% coupon you'll receive, including the ASUS VivoBook F510UA that drops to $359.99 and normally sells for closer to $500, the Polk Audio RC6s In-Ceiling Stereo Speaker which falls to $80, and TP-Link's AC1200 Smart Wi-Fi Router that you can grab for $35.99 with the coupon. These products are already on sale currently thanks to the upcoming Prime Day, meaning your 20% coupon drops them even further in price. Stuck between which product you want to save on? You can return to the Amazon App tomorrow to use the Camera features again and receive another 20% coupon to use on the select items Amazon has featured on the offer page.

To get started, you'll first need to visit on your mobile phone where you can download the Amazon app to your iOS or Android device. Once installed, open the app and tap the Camera icon at the end of the search bar. You'll then be prompted to allow Amazon to access your phone's camera. Once that's completed, you can start the tasks.

How to use Product Search:

  1. Product Search is the default setting when tapping on the Camera icon. You can switch to Product Search after tapping the Camera icon by swiping your finger along the bottom of the screen until you reach 'Product Search'.
  2. Once you're in Product Search mode, point your phone's camera at an item near you that you would like to search on Amazon.
  3. Blue dots should appear on and around the item for a few seconds; if Amazon can identify the item, it will pop up its search results allowing you to view product information and buy the item your camera just viewed. It may also show similar items which relate to the item that was identified.
  4. A pop-up will appear which states 'You've unlocked a 20% off discount on select deals!'. Click it and then tap Redeem on the following page to snag your promo credit.
  5. The item you've scanned must be sold by Amazon for you to complete this offer.

How to use Barcode Scanner:

  1. To find the Barcode Scanner, first tap the camera icon and then slide your finger across the bottom of the screen until you reach 'Barcode Scanner'
  2. Find an item that you'd like to search on Amazon and put its barcode in front of your device's camera.
  3. If Amazon can find the item, it will pop up the item's product page, along with a banner that states 'You've unlocked a 20% off discount on select deals!' which you must click to get your promo credit. As with the previous feature, the item you scan must be sold by Amazon for you to complete this offer.

How to use View In Your Room mode:

  1. As with the other settings, hit the Camera icon and then slide your finger across the bottom. There you'll find the 'View In Your Room' mode to select. Not all devices are compatible with this mode so it may not be available for you at this time.
  2. This mode allows you to see how various best-selling products would look in your home. From here, select an item in the bottom window that you're interested in and then go to a location in your home where you might place that item.
  3. The app will ask where you're planning on placing the item, whether that's on the ground, on a table, or on a wall. Selecting the right option will help the next step work properly.
  4. The item should appear before you as if it's actually there in real life. You can drag it around, make it bigger, or turn it around with your fingers. You can also walk around the item to get a look at it from other angles.
  5. You should also see a banner which states 'You've unlocked a 20% off discount on select deals!' once completed. You'll have to click on it to finish the task and redeem your promo credit.

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