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iPad + stick = protest 2.0? [video]

The iPad is the ultimate internet device, its a great gaming platform, but how is it in a protest?

In Lithuania, there have been protests against the country's emigration policy. People carry signs, people chant, however one man, decided that he would update old 'protest' conventions with new technology.

He help up his iPad.....on a stick. The iPad was playing a slideshow of 'protest' captions, though due to the weather, it was seen in a see-thru plastic bag to protect it from the rain.

Despite the serious nature of the protest, this was a definite laugh for those watching nearby.

See the ProtestPad in action in the video below.


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  • Too lazy to make a sign?
  • The hippies in Berkeley will probably start doing this too.
  • I think immigration is more appropriate than emigration here unless they are protesting the exodus of people from Lithuania. Possible, but unlikely.
  • Jesus Stick
  • This is fake, the man was given a bottle of cheap beer for holding Ipad. The camera man then "accidently" captured him.
    Nobody in Lithuania has that kind of money to waste, especialy pensioners. Actually not many people even know about Apple.
  • Wow!
    She grew a last name.
  • It would have been much more effective if he had used the free iBanner HD. It would have allowed a marquee-like scroller that could be read from pretty far away. Last night, some dude was driving down the highway in the pitch dark with only his emergency lights on so I flashed him a banner that said "YOUR HEADLIGHTS AREN'T ON!" from my vehicle.
  • @untidyguy did it work?
    @icebike I see, she has!
  • If he has the money to buy an iPad, what is he protesting about?
  • wonder if that app is like infoboard