Qardio's medical-grade body monitors are built for accuracy

While your average fitness monitor or health tracker is great for keeping a daily tally of how many steps you've taken or how well you slept last night compared to the night before, you can't really take this information to your doctor and expect that data to be useful. CES is positively overflowing with this technology this year, but a lot of it is deliberately made for personal use only. Medical professionals rely on finely tuned instruments for their data collection, and in most cases that equipment is not something you can carry around in your pocket. The folks at Qardio are hoping to bridge that gap with their health tracking equipment, claiming that their hardware is medical grade and could be used by doctors.

Cali and Scott have all the details in the video, but with Qardio it's not hard to imagine a scenario in which your health data is something medical professionals could just grab from your phone in the future and have it actually be useful information.

Russell Holly

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