Have you ever wondered how to quickly type a domain suffix on the iPhone or iPad? The iPhone and iPad keyboard are software, not hardware, so they can re-configure themselves to suit whatever task you're doing at the moment. When you're in Safari or Mail, that can often mean entering a website or email address such as "example.com". To help make things faster, the keyboard gives you a special ".com" key so you can just tap it and save yourself a few precious moments. (Hey, they all add up!). But what if you don't want ".com" but a different domain suffix? What if you want ".net" instead? Simple:

  • Hold down the ".com" button
  • A popup will appear with ".net", ".edu" and ".org" buttons
  • Slide your finger to the one you want and let go
  • The proper domain suffix will be entered in for you

Bonus tip: If you live outside the US and have an international keyboard setup, you'll get your region's domain suffixes instead, i.e. ".ca", ".co.uk", etc.

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Let us know how it works for you and if you have any questions, ask in the comments!

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