The Razer Huntsman opto-mechanical keyboard has dropped to its lowest price at $80

Mechanical keyboards and mechanical switches have been around for a long time. We see subtle changes and improvements every now and then, but for the most part a switch is a switch. Razer challenged that convention by creating its own "opto-mechanical" switches. Grab one of Razer's keyboards using this new kind of switch. The Huntsman gaming keyboard has dropped in price to $79.99 on Amazon. This is a keyboard that normally sells between $140 and $150. It has never had a direct price drop below $100 on Amazon before, and the last time it even went that low was back in early July.


Razer Huntsman opto-mechanical Chroma gaming keyboard

Uses Razer's proprietary optical switches that use a light sensor to activate, making them potentially faster than standard mechanical switches. Has Razer's RGB lighting called Chroma that syncs with other products. Two-year warranty.

These opto-mechanical switches are similar to mechanical switches but use a beam of light at the bottom that gets blocked when you press the key, which is how your keystroke is registered instead of using a physical interaction like normal switches. In theory, that should make the actuation for these switches much, much faster. Literally the speed of light. Of course, mechanical switches already activate so quickly that you may not notice a huge difference. It's still an interesting concept, though. And you still get that oh-so-satisfying clicky clicky feeling.

Razer also uses its own RGB lighting called Chroma. This technology lets you pick from a full spectrum of color for all the individually backlit keys. Then you can sync the keyboard's colors with other Razer gear that has Chroma for a unified experience. And it works with up to 30 other brands, like Philips Hue, to sync with those devices as well.

The keyboard also uses a durable construction that will last you a long time. It is made of quality aluminum and convered with an aluminum top frame to increase structural integrity. You'll be able to create fully programmable and complex macros. Use Razer Hypershift to remap and execute a series of commands using all the keys and any keypress combination on the board.

Razer backs it up with a 2-year warranty.

John Levite

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