Every year, like clockwork, millions of people decide to get a gym membership or do something to get in better shape as part of some New Years' Resolutions — but actually sticking with your new workout plan is the hardest part.

Instead of spending hundreds on another expensive gym membership, you can do your own workouts and get personalized exercise and nutrition plans thanks to Fitterclub. Fitterclub is a unique online fitness program that's available in 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year memberships, and thanks to this great deal from iMore Digital Offers, pricing starts at just $19.

Your Fitterclub membership starts with a questionnaire about your current health situation, your goals, and your favorite foods. Fitterclub will take your data and create personalized training routines that take just 30 minutes per day for five days a week. You also get fun and delicious recipes that will fuel your body for your workouts. Once you're all up and running, you'll have access to your workouts anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection.

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You basically get all the benefits of your own personal trainer at the gym along with a nutrition plan from paying once — just $19 for a one-year membership, $29 for a three-year membership, or $49 for a five-year membership. If this sounds like the service you've been waiting for, the five year membership is an even greater value when you consider that it would be regularly priced at $600, but if you're curious and don't know if you'd stick with it through a couple of months, the one-year membership at $19 is still an incredible deal.

Don't wait another year to reach your health and fitness goals! Get after it in 2019 with this incredible deal from iMore Digital Offers.

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