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What you need to know

  • Reddit is changing its annual recap to include user-specific data for the first time.
  • People will see how long they spent on Reddit and what content and topics they interacted with the most.

It's something that seems to be spreading, but the annual recap is now much bigger than the Spotify Wrapped that we've all become so used to. Apple Music now does something very similar and Reddit is getting in on the act, too. Reddit Recap is normally focused on aggregated content, but that's all changing this year.

According to Reddit via a TechCrunch report, the annual recap is going all micro rather than macro, giving individual users information on their own Reddit habits — people will learn which types of content they interact with most as well as which topics they spend time in, too.

Reddit is launching a new personalized Spotify Wrapped-like recap feature for all users tomorrow. The new recaps will include a variety of stats, including a summary of the time you spent on the platform, a look at the content that you interacted with or contributed, topics you engaged with and communities you've viewed or joined. Reddit notes that users will be able to hide their username and avatar if they want when sharing the recap across other social media apps.

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The new recap will go live tomorrow, the report notes, while Reddit has already outed the most popular themes across its platform with "cryptocurrency, gaming, sports, weddings, health and fitness, food and drink, and movies and television" proving to be the categories that saw the most interaction.

Reddit says that its users created 366 million posts in 2021 which equates to a 19% increase year-over-year. Comments also increased by 12%, with a total of 2.3 billion. A massive 46 billion upvotes were placed, too.