Ever wish you could keep prying eyes away from your iPhone? Always paranoid that strangers can read all your sensitive e-mails, bank account information, and stock portfolios? Well here’s the solution: the Case-mate Universal Privacy Screen Pro for iPhone ($19.95). It prevents those snoopy people from peering over your shoulder and keeps your information private by offering a viewing angle of 45 degrees.

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What Comes In The Box & Application Process

cover%20shot.JPG unwrapped.JPG

  • -2" x 3" Privacy Screen
  • -Graph Sheet (for sizing)
  • -Screen Cleaning Cloth
  • -Applicator card

The instructions states that one must cut the privacy screen to match the size of your phone screen. Luckily, the maximum size of the screen fits perfectly around the iPhone’s screen. Manually cutting the privacy screen would have been a tediously unnecessary step for a product that should already be tailor made for your phone. (note: Another reason to buy an iPhone! Sorry Blackberry & Treo Owners, have fun cutting!)

The application process is fairly simple. Unlike many protective film covers on the market, the Privacy Screen attaches to the iPhone through static cling. Just line up the iPhone’s screen with the Privacy Screen and it just sticks. I haven’t experienced any problems with the Privacy Screen falling off, it’s as if some sort of voodoo magic binds the two together until you want to remove it. An added bonus is that the Privacy Screen works flawlessly with film protectors such as the invisibleSHIELD and BodyGuardz.


side%20by%20side%20direct.JPG side%20by%20side%20angle.JPG

After applying the Privacy Screen, there is no discernible difference in the iPhone's screen quality. Which is quite amazing considering how dark the tint looked before putting it on the iPhone. Pitting an iPhone with the Privacy Screen on against an iPhone without, the screen quality and brightness is in essence, the same. The only difference is that the iPhone without the Privacy Screen offers minimally deeper blacks, but in all, you’d be hard pressed to notice the Privacy Screen has been applied.

In short, the Privacy Screen really works. When viewed at an angle, the iPhone’s screen is darkened and unintelligible. Even at a closer angle, the Privacy Screen will look hazy to onlookers. Only at a direct angle can you begin to determine what is on the screen. For those looking for a privacy screen, the Case-mate is extremely effective and the ideal solution.

For better or worse, the Privacy Screen attracts the same amount of fingerprints and grease as the iPhone’s glass screen. Also, unlike other non-privacy film protectors that change the iPhone’s tactile feel, the Privacy Screen feels exactly the same as the iPhone’s glass screen. The Privacy Screen is also prone to scratches, though unnoticeable when the iPhone is turned on, the scratches are a bit of an eyesore when the iPhone’s screen is off.

My biggest concern about the Privacy Screen is the dust build-up along the edges. Because the Privacy Screen covers only the actual screen of the iPhone and not the entire front face, dust will get caught along the top and bottom edges of the film. Also, probably because of the type of material used to lessen the viewing angle, the Privacy Screen is very thick.

Final Thoughts


The Privacy Screen succeeds in deterring those nosy folks who peer over your shoulder. You can safely examine any sensitive documents without fear of anyone copying down that information. As a privacy filter, the Case-Mate is the best solution on the market.

With that said, I believe that the product can be improved by offering protection to the full face of the iPhone rather than just the screen itself. Though it is understandable to not expect the same materials in products like the Invisibleshield and the Bodyguardz, covering up the entire front face would attract more potential buyers and alleviate the dust build-up problem.

However, a benefit of the screen-only protection is that the Privacy Screen can be used and re-used because of its easy application process. Thinking about going out to the local coffee shop but think too many people would peer over your shoulder? Just slap it on and have your worries be gone. It is not as permanent as other full body skin protectors.

The Privacy Screen should be considered a BUY for anyone looking to protect their iPhone from wandering eyes but those considering it for screen protection should look toward the invisibleSHIELD and BodyGuardz.


  • Very Easy to Apply
  • Screen Quality and Brightness is Unchanged
  • Dramatically Decreases Viewing Angle
  • Texture of the iPhone's Glass Screen Remains the Same
  • Made of High Quality Materials


  • Dust Builds Up Along the Top and Bottom Edges
  • Does Not Cover the Full Face of the iPhone
  • Prone to Scratches

Overall: 4/5