"Mujjo capacitive touchscreen gloves are amust-have for any serious iPhone or iPad user caught in a cold, wintery climate."

Why have I instantly fallen in love with Mujjo's capacitive touchscreen gloves for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad? It's simple, really. I live in Canada where it's routinely been -20 celsius for the last couple of weeks -- so cold that when you go outside your face freezes and the last thing you want to do is pull off your nice warm gloves just to use your iPhone while out and about. You'd rather miss a call, wait to answer a text, or forget about looking something up on the web than risk the frostbite inducing winds and bone chilling snow. But with Mujjo, I don't have to give up my multitouch just to stay warm -- thanks to the capacitive carry-through, I can slide to unlock and tap away all from within the comfort of my gloves.

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Unlike some iPhone-friendly gloves, Mujjo doesn't just weave capacitive thread into the thumb and forefinger, but they're made of high-quality silver-coated nylon fibers knitted into the fabric of the glove. The entire gloves! You can tap away with any finger you like. You can tap away with your knuckles, palm, ridge of your hand -- literally any part of the glove. That makes it so much easier to use in the cold weather and is a huge advantage over other gloves. The only downside is that they made two-sizes fits all, and I have fairly small hands so even the smaller size is a little loose on me, and I need to push a little harder to make the capacitive connection than I expect someone with larger hands might.

Wearing the Mujjo, I could do everything I needed to do with my iPhone, including making and answering phone calls, texting, and surfing the web at about 80% of my normal speed.

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Mujjo capacitive touchscreen gloves for iPhone and iPad


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The Good

  • Capacitive material throughout the glove.
  • Warm and comfortable.

The Bad

  • Two sizes fits all might be a little loose or tight on those with really small or large hands.

The Conclusion

Mujjo capacitive touchscreen gloves are a must-have for any serious iPhone or iPad user caught in a cold, wintery climate.

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