RHA Audio announced earlier today that the follow-up to its popular T20 in-ear monitors is now available. Dubbed the T20 Wireless, the latest model to RHA's line-up takes the best features of the T20 while offering them in a Bluetooth-compatible form factor.

The new T20 Wireless headphones were designed around RHA's acclaimed DualCoil driver that's capable of providing high-resolution sound reproduction, but one of the coolest features included is the ability to unscrew each of the stainless steel-housed earbuds and connect them to other cabling with an MMCX connection. There are two independent voice coils which help produce the wide frequency range, while three pairs of tuning filters are included for sound signature adjustments.

With the Bluetooth SecureFlex neckband attached, these earbuds offer a battery life of up to 12 hours. They're also IPx4 sweat and splash proof, and with the built-in remote on the neckband, you can switch between songs, take calls, and access your device's phone assistant easily. NFC functionality is included as well, and they're even capable of connecting with two different devices simultaneously.

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RHA Audio T20 Wireless Headphones

The latest version of RHA's popular T20 headphones features RHA's acclaimed DualCoil driver and detachable, stainless steel-housed earbuds which can connect to other cabling with an MMCX connection.


If you're ready to untether from your device, the T20 Wireless headphones are available now at RHA's website for $249.99 and include free shipping, along with a three-year warranty. Meanwhile, the standard T20 headphones can help meet a lower budget at their current sale price of $155 on Amazon.

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