RHA introduces the CL2 Planar headphones with improved drivers and more

RHA has just announced the CL2 Planar, the newest magnetic in-ear headphones from the company. These make use of planar magnetic drivers, which are able to offer a more complex, detailed sound quality that moves across the dynamic range. This is the first time RHA has been able to shrink it small enough to fit in an in-ear bud, and the company is going to be offering two different versions of the headphones: wired and wireless.

The CL2's will come with a Bluetooth neckband that offers 12 hours of battery per charge, as well as a braided copper 3.5mm aux cable for those times where you'd rather have a wired connection. Pre-orders for these pricey headphones kick off now, and shipments will begin mid-September. When we say pricey, we mean it, though. RHA has priced these at $899.95, which is quite a bit more than most others are available for. The housings are molded from a ceramic compound called zirconium dioxide, which makes them blemish-resistant and allow for optimal sound quality without distortion.

At this price, you could buy five sets of Apple's AirPods, 22 pairs of Anker's SoundBuds Lite or five pairs of RHA's MA750 Bluetooth headphones, any of which are likely a better use of your money if you're not an audio engineer or hardcore audiophile.

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Jared DiPane

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