Round Robin: TiPb vs. HTC FUZE Video Preview!

Note: Some people are having trouble seeing the video (comes back as unavailable). It's working fine for me, but if it's not for you, please let me know in the comments, and please try this direct YouTube Video link.

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Did I need to review two HTC Windows Mobile devices in a row? Would it have been better to have the G1 or Bold in between, or would I then have back-to-back front-facing Qwerty or Slider bloat? I don't know. Last week's Palm Treo Pro and this week's HTC FUZE are differentiated not only by form factor, but with the FUZE's addition of Touch Flo 3D (which, during the video shoot, I came to lovingly re-brand "Press Really Hard Stammer 2D").

Fair enough, coming from an iPhone I challenge any non-Apple device's ability to deliver the same experience. They can't. But that's the point of the Round Robin: for each editor to look at every other device from their own smartphone's point of view.

Will the humungous slide-out keyboard be enough joy to cancel out the Touch Flo blues? I don't know yet; we'll find out together in my final, full review later this week.

Meanwhile, check out the video above, and if I'm wrong, mean, or just stupid, let me have it in the comments, or -- better yet -- head on over to the WMExperts Forums and help me see the error of my ways.

Likewise, Crackberry Kevin is suffering without his keyboard and trackball, so be sure to give him all the assistance you can before he he comes gunning for our iPhone in his own video!

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