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Round Robin: TiPb vs. HTC FUZE Video Preview!

Note: Some people are having trouble seeing the video (comes back as unavailable). It's working fine for me, but if it's not for you, please let me know in the comments, and please try this direct YouTube Video link.

[This is an official Smartphone Experts Round Robin post! Every day you reply here, you're automatically entered for a chance to win an iPhone 3G, Case-Mate Naked Case, and Motorola H9 Bluetooth Headset! More below!]

Did I need to review two HTC Windows Mobile devices in a row? Would it have been better to have the G1 or Bold in between, or would I then have back-to-back front-facing Qwerty or Slider bloat? I don't know. Last week's Palm Treo Pro and this week's HTC FUZE are differentiated not only by form factor, but with the FUZE's addition of Touch Flo 3D (which, during the video shoot, I came to lovingly re-brand "Press Really Hard Stammer 2D").

Fair enough, coming from an iPhone I challenge any non-Apple device's ability to deliver the same experience. They can't. But that's the point of the Round Robin: for each editor to look at every other device from their own smartphone's point of view.

Will the humungous slide-out keyboard be enough joy to cancel out the Touch Flo blues? I don't know yet; we'll find out together in my final, full review later this week.

Meanwhile, check out the video above, and if I'm wrong, mean, or just stupid, let me have it in the comments, or -- better yet -- head on over to the WMExperts Forums and help me see the error of my ways.

Likewise, Crackberry Kevin is suffering without his keyboard and trackball, so be sure to give him all the assistance you can before he he comes gunning for our iPhone in his own video!

Doing so, of course, gives you a chance to win the iPhone 3G and HTC FUZE... and a ton of other cool smartphones and accessories. Prize details after the jump...

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Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • I do have to say that HTC makes pretty sexy hardware. I'm looking to play around with one and am hopeful the interface is a little easier to use than it looks.
  • WinMo two weeks in a row! Rene, even in countries as uncivilized as the US there are laws to protect individuals from torture and tyranny. Perhaps a good lawyer could get you back into your iPhone in a few hours.
    BTW, loved the music selection for the video clip and I trust that John Williams would love it too.
  • I've been looking forward to this review. I have an iPhone 3g, and I've been looking for another phone to play around with. I like the looks for the Touch Pro's hardware, but after watching the video, I think the software is going to drive me crazy. Maybe I'll get an unlocked G1.
  • I'll admit, I never realized how reflective that front screen was...
  • ...or how long it took to boot up.
  • Looks pretty nice, but I've never been a huge fan of Windows Mobile...but on the other hand, yhe HTC Fuze looks like a decent phone. Inly if it were on a different OS.
  • HTC makes nice phones but their operating system is not good. If it wasn't a WinMo OS I'd give this phone some consideration.
  • Well the touchflo was made so the not so smart could navigate windows mobile. I guess they overestimated Apple users.
  • The one thing (& perhaps the only thing) that WinMo has over the iPhone is the ability to easily access the file structure on the phone, and easily transfer docs to and from a Windows directory on your desktop, to your phone, and back (as well as edit them on the phone thanks to Office Mobile). Dieter, I'd be interested in your take on that during your final review.
    I'd also be interested in what you think of actually typing on the keyboard. I thought I missed my physical keys from my WinMo device, but this weekend put my SIM card in the old WinMo phone just to see how it compares. I found that I have become so much more proficient on the soft keyboard (and without any fatigue factor) that I can't imagine going back.
    Good 1st look. Keep up the good work.
  • That is painful just watching you trying to play with that... i didnt realize how spoiled i have been for the last two years with my iphone.
    I thought other phone companies would be catching up these days but damn, they arent even close. Go iphone.
  • Makes me appretiate my iPhone even more.
  • Shout out for the *random application generator !!!
  • I agree with Jhunt. That really was painful to watch, and I can't even imagine how painful i is to use.
  • With simple tweaks the screen sensitivity is pretty good. It'll never match a capacitive touchscreen but it's quite close and doesn't require nearly as much finger pressure out of the box.
    Personally, I like touchflo3d. There's quite a few iphone style UI's (some are nearly clones) but I still prefer a handful over them. I just don't see why a screen of icon shortcuts is so great/efficient?
    As for a WM phone being "fun". It's usually never out of the box. It's not made for that. But with the power/flexibility of WM you can easily customize it to your liking. Most of the shortcomings and annoyances in these reviews can be fixed or improved. Maybe in roundrobin, there needs to be customized phones to show the true capabilities of these phones. Sure these phone should be "perfect" out of the box but you have to remember this OS is not tailor made for just one specific of hardware.
    I also don't think Rene gives these phones a real shot. Most of the time it's direct comparisons to the iphone and he barely scratches the surface of phone. Can't you focus on what the phone has/can do rather than griping about what it doesn't do the same as the iphone?
    BTW, I'm not an iphone hater, I actually would love one except for the fact that I need my phone to do more than "fun". Maybe one day...
  • I am at work so I can't see the video right now but as soon as I get home I will watch and then post my thought=)
  • It's amazing how different a capacitive touchscreen can be from a resistive one. Hopefully things work out better during this week so you can get used to it.
  • There's more lag in Touchflow3D than I thought. As said though, it'd be easier for someone who hasn't gotten used to the capacitive screen to work with WinMo, but coming from an iPhone, WinMo seems like a drag.
  • WinMo is very heavy, but you have somemany more options when it comes to solutions.
  • Interested to hear your thoughts on the two different WinMo devices, just sorry you had to use two in a row...
  • Rene, why aren't you using your THUMBS to navigate TouchFlo 3d? I'm really having a good time laughing at you trying to use your index finger to do everything. I use my thumb for everything in windows mobile - flicking, scrolling, typing, touching, etc.
    Also, when you use the "bar" at the bottom of TouchFlo 3D, you hold and drag. Put your thumb on an icon and hold it there for a fraction of a second and then drag it left or right to go wherever you want to go. You can tap on an icon as well, if you want to, but touching and dragging the bar is much more successful in my experience.
    Since I'm a WinMo user, perhaps I'm used to how it works, but watching this video was intensely frustrating. There definitely seems to be a difference in philosophy between the iPhone and not only WinMo, but TouchFlo3D, and it appears that you have to learn how to use it.
    My advice:
    1) Use your thumbs for everything. That is why you flick up and down to scroll "horizontally", as you say - these gestures are meant to be done with your thumb.
    2) Touch, hold, and drag the TouchFlo bar.
    3) Don't be so demonstrative in your movements. Your flicks are crazy herky jerky and are appropriately making the UI go crazy.
    4) Enjoy the fact that you can use everything from a fork, a pencil, a pen, a paperclip, whatever you have around to also navigate around the device. I regularly use a capped highlighter to tap around on my Mogul, and appreciate the convenience.
    I know you're an iPhone user, but at least try to adapt to the device and see what happens. The device certainly isn't going to adapt to you.
  • Great video Rene, HTC does male great phone in regard to hardware and looks. The only problem is with the os they choose to put on them. After way hong the problems you had with the touch foo 3d I don't think I could be patient enough to ever use a phone with it. Looking forward to your full review later in the week.
  • Psssh iPhone wins
  • Rene, I think your and others' complaints with ToucFlo 3D are overblown. I got a new Fuze last week (going back for other reasons), and struggled for only a short time before it became intuitive. It was much smoother and easier to use than most reviews led me to believe. The touch, hold and drag advice above is right on.
    After only a short while with the Keyboard I found it was tremendous, better than any Blackberry keyboard I've used. I used the stylus infrequently, but here's a suggestion, to appreciate why they choose resistive vs capacitive screens, try handwriting some notes. Try using the feature that opens the notes app when you remove the stylus while on a call.
  • There are tons of things on this phone you will probably never discover for yourself so some tips....
    Incoming calls can be silenced by facing the phone on its screen.
    Pulling out the stylus while in a phone call will open up notes, and you can hand write notes.
    There is a youtube app, hidden in windows folder.
    You can run multiple programs at the same time. zomfg?
    While viewing a photo, draw a clockwise circle around the part you want to zoom in on, counter-clockwise to zoom out.
    World Business Card reader always fun to use.
    Download skyfire or flash lite, Skyfire = full flash on every webpage.
    The big button in the middle can scroll, as well as zoom in and out of webpages. It is also a dpad.
    There are plenty more, such as different camera modes etc.
    The phone has a built in FM radio and tv out. Both the .cab files to enable it are on xda-developers.
    Hopes this helps.
    The reason why they have the sylus and a restive screen is because in asia people need the stylus to write the various different characters and need the accuracy of a resistive screen.
  • Video works fine and is entertaining. It probably takes a good 2 weeks to get into WIndows so give it a chance.
  • Iphone is still the best.
  • I guess you can you can call it the finger workout brick phone. The only thing cool about this phone is you need to wear sunglasses.
  • A reasonable review given where you're coming from, but I'm surprised you're having so much trouble getting touch, and in particular touch flo 3d to work. It's not that hard; I suspect that the thumb comment someone else made might account for it; if you're one handing it's hard to do it any other way. My own phone use includes a great deal of email, and for lots of text like that I think the hard keyboard is still faster and more accurate; so am probably willing to accept the extra weight and thickness.
  • Wow this guy is a dumbass!
    I have seen lizards sunbathing give better reviews than this, then again this is the iphone blog so I guess I may have been expecting a little too much since peripheral vision with other electronic devices that aren't Apple pretty much is non-existent, I guess he can be forgiven.
    Great star wars theme impression tho!
  • winmo users are angry :D
    the irony is that, a phone is supposed to work out of the box, but the reason many people by winmo devices is because you can tweak it til it starts to bleed.
    btw, I do own a fuze, and bought it after a direct side-to-side comparison with an iphone. to each his own :D
  • The "only" thing is access to the file structure? I am writing this on my iPhone that I do connect to my MacBook pro...
    But. There are LOTS of things wibni can do that the iPhone can not. Don't even get me started with the symioan touch OS...
    Cut and paste
    Send contacts with OS-included app
    Keyboard, physical- yes, I likevthem. And that "v" error is common for me instead of the space...
    Ability to install software from multiple sources without violating EULA
    The list is long. The iPhone is great, but to say it has everything the others have is ignorance. Saying otherwise makes you look unreasonable and one of the flameboys.
    Facts see facts, but your preference may still be the iPhone regardless of the facts. That is right for you-great. But don't feel a need to justify your choice by saying it has the most options or is the "best" phone-best is subjective. It may be best for you and worst for others, and you can both be right...
  • i am sorry i had to comment
    You dont have to push hard, thatg is why its not working, you just flick very softly and it works
    opera wont work cuz ur on Rogers, not AT&T
    u dont have to touch when ur using the keyboard, u can use the arrows to navigate
    i would;ve shown the copy, paste and how the phone tells the diffrence when ur trying to scroll or just highlighting text so you can copy it...
    also this phone has TV-OUT
    when u plug in usb, you can select to make it show as a mass storage device,.
    "lets steal the weather app" :)
    and did anyone mention VGA res screen
    yes its a brick cuz it has a keyboard, if u are like Rene and want a virtual keyboard, check out the diamond, you can install 3d party keyboards and there is like a ton of them
    it also has a PTT button, and a back button
    also you can use videoshare calling, its like 1 way video call
    i am sorry Rene, that wasnt fair.. net time read the manual or some forums!?!@#>
  • I think you would have a better time with the screen if you used your finger nail vs. using your whole thumb. These types of screens don't do well with big touches.
  • Biased Review is biased.
    Learn to think for yourself, not repeat every advertising line from Apple.
  • This is still a pretty phone and I would love to get my hands on it for a while.
  • Loved the video, keep up the great work
  • I definitely agree with the thumb comments. That interface was designed to be used one-handeded for quick, on-the-go for basic tasks - not stop-and-use two-handed tasks like the iPhone and a lot of other devices. And unfortunately because it's a resisitive instead of capacitive screen it does require steadier, slightly slower movements to register properly.
    I've tinkered with the Sprint version and actually was really impressed. And just as a personal note, I MUCH prefer the default black color scheme on the Sprint version to this grey/white scheme here. With the glare from the glossy screen (much less any strong light sources) the default AT&T screen seems to be extremely difficult to see.
  • Rene is usually a very solid reviewer, so I'll cut him some slack. I think the general tone here is summed up this way: "It isn't an iPhone, try to use the features it does have and to focus on what it does well if you want to understand it". The comments have a laundry list of things the Fuze can do that the iPhone can't and things th Fuze does better (keyboard for one). The iPhone is an excellent device, but I think the Round Robin reviewers should work to find the strengths in each device.
  • Hmm... I think the first 50 words said in the video sum up the whole review. "Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb D-Dumb"
  • Or maybe the first fifty words sum up what he should have been using to navigate TouchFlo3D: his "thumbs thumbs thumbs thumb tha thumbs thumb tha thumbs"
  • I guess the best thing about Windows Mobile is that it is what YOU make it. I liked TF3D alright, but I wanted my old homescreen. I turned it off and then, later, I flashed to a ROM with no TF3D -- saving much memory for other cool things.
  • @meatgel:
    And to further your point, even if you think TF3D is the greatest thing since sliced bread, something may be released in the future that you like better - such as an updated version of TF3D, an experimental version, or something else entirely. With WinMo, you can always try the latest and greatest.
  • This just proves that WinMo devices are not for idiots. I repeat, not for idiots.
  • Microsoft has a lot riding on Windows Mobile 7. If its not up to par, they'll be left in the dust, knowing how long it takes them to pump out a new OS.
  • Keep in mind that this review was done from an iPhone users p.o.v. Not everything works for everybody.
  • I am still torn between the iPhone and Fuze. The Fuze can integrate better for me since all I use is Windows. Yet the iPhone looks cleaner and can do what it does do best. *sigh I guess I'll wait for WM7 to decide.
  • Windows Mobile has a quite a few flaws -- that being said, it's not TRYING to be an iPhone. TouchFLO 3d Does try to bring some of the simplicity the iPhone interface to a fundamentally different OS.
    I'm sure a lot of this has already been covered, so I won't go on with that line of thought. I did have a tip for you. Try using your thumb to move around in TouchFLO 3D as opposed to your finger tip. It's not an iPhone, and it's main screen isn't capactive (the circle button/home/back/phone buttons actually are though) so don't try to use it the same way. Try holding it in your right hand, and using your right thumb to drag across the navigation bar, or to flick photos -- I find this works much better.
    Also, the scroll circle doesn't do much out of the box besides be a button, but it DOES control font size in outlook. If you're viewing an email, circling counter-clockwise makes the font smaller, and clockwise makes it larger.
    There are 3rd party apps that make better use of the capacitive area that these buttons are on.
  • if you used teh stylus, you would have been able to do everything much better. the screen technology was not that of using your finger really doesnt help. whats funny sure you know that...but you'd rather poke fun at the phone.
  • I am glad I have a iphone 3g very easy to use even a caveman can use it lol
  • WM's biggest advantage is usually it's greatest flaw. These devices are almost infinitely customizable, but out of the box they're usually in their most basic OS state. This doesn't make for a very good initial experience, and requires some work from the user to get it "just right".
    First up, I'm on Sprint, and stock out of the box, we have MUCH less bloatware slowing our phones down. Comparing your Fuze video to my T-Pro, all of my menus, transitions, and selections happen MUCH smoother. I blame ATT for this, as they've loaded it up with more crapware than a late 90's Dell.
    Screen sensitivity is an issue with resistive screens. There are two reg entries to increase the sensitivity of the screen (one for the screen and one for how TF3D responds). Both helped me tremendously, and handing the phone to iphone users, they can barely tell the difference in feel, though some menus are still hard to use.
    I think that's where this phones strength comes into play though. There's really only one way to interact with an iphone. One set of controls. That's it. Want to do something different? Nope. Can't.
    Personally I'm mostly a keyboard out kinda guy. Most of my shortcuts are in place, and I also use a piece of 3rd party software to turn the capacitive area around the d-pad into a touch sensitive scrolling/shortcut area (GSCroll). Add that to a series of voice commands (you haven't lived until you've been driving, use voice command to start MS Live, then voice search for something, get directions all through a BT headset), and the wealth of software available (fully featured offices apps like Softmaker to TomTom to Skype), and you've got serious computing power ready to go.
    That's the hitch though. WM IS more powerful, but it's not as "fun" to use.
  • It is obvious that this dude tried to make this phone look bad on purpose, or maybe he really has to try hard to be "mentally agile", using his words. Most people who will use this device use it as a business tool rather than the mere toy the iphone is. Dont get me wrong. I owned an iphone but it was merely a weekend playmate. No real business user that needs real functionality uses an iphone. It's a more, look what I bought, device. Aside from Rene's obvious lack of prowess using a device he isn't used to using, it truly shows no objectivity as all phones are not supposed to be compared to the iphone!! Yes, I guess it is true. The iphone is for someone with the intellect of a caveman. Blackberry and WinMo are for the users who actually use their device to increase productivity, accomplish daily career tasks and also do it with a stylish phone while not conforming to the blind sheep, or cavemen in this case, who just want a shiny new gadget to wow their other obtuse friends who obviously dont know the difference between form and function.
  • Er.. um... actually the whole point of the Round Robin is to look at the other devices from our own smartphone's (in my case, from the iPhone's) perspective.
    Or is this all just some pent up anger at Pogue's for excluding WinMo users from the Apple and BlackBerry nut club? :)
  • Rene,
    This Round Robin thing is fun, even if it brings out the worst in some of us (but hey, this is the internet after all).
    Just promise me one thing: when you finally complete the full review this week, take some of my (our) above advice to heart. Use your thumbs. Chill out a bit and be a little more deliberate with your motions and gestures until you think you've mastered the gesture "philosophy". Try to unlearn what you have learned. Use the force, Rene!
  • That phone looks HUGE and very very thick. I don't know if it was the video or if it is actually that huge, or if you just have small fingers with makes it look big.
  • This, just as I was about to consider getting one! OUCH!!!
  • To be honest it seems this wasnt a preview.It was just a windows mobile/htc bashing. With very little positive comments I believe the bashing will continue as long as he has the device.He could at least try to give the device a fair chance.
  • To share ...
    Like most Apple products, the most simplistic functions work becuase Apple controls/limits what the user can and cannot do with the Hardware and Software interface. This, in many ways, is a good policy but, can be limited and shortsighted. It's Apple's way or the Highway ... you better just learn to do it their way.
    With Windows Mobile, there is a lot more openess and options to the experience. It is more for a power-user who wants to adapt the phone to an experience that works for them. It needs a TON of work ... and the whole concept of having to run a shell to make it more user friendly is rather wasteful in nature ... Wasterful in system resources.
    I like the I-Phone althought I currently use a Mogul. Mostly becuase I am on Sprint is the reason I haven't switched. One other main reason ... I need a tactile keyboard. With a bit bigger fingers ... typing on the Iphone is a miserable experience. I like feeback when I press.
    The main thing is people love to show me how great Safari is ... Fantastic. How many times do you really use a full keyboard when surfing the net. When it comes to e-mail and text messages (MAIN purposes for using a communication device) the full tactile keyboard that doesn't take up precious screen real estate is priceless. Don
  • The HTC Fuze looks pretty decent although it's pretty thick. The iPhone still pwns.
  • This review is at once quite fair and also unfair. Here's the analysis:
    The Fair:
    From an iPhone user's POV, Rene's presumptions of how a smartphone should behave are understandable. He just thinks that any touch GUI should be similar to that of an iPhone. And, to further bolster this perspective, most other "touch" GUIs released since the iPhone have mimicked the user experience to a certain degree, creating a broader gravity around how touch phones "should" work.
    Rene also is quite transparent that he's not going to try. He doesn't expect to try - he's an Apple user. Before you get all red-in-the-face on me, let me clarify by saying when I say "try," I mean he doesn't even feel the need to pick up a manual and read how to use TouchFlo3D.
    I put this under the "fair" heading because it is fair that an Apple user would operate under the impression that there should not need to be a manual to understand a gadget or high-tech device. The Apple Credo is "it just works" -- meaning, they know what the average user wants in technology, and they deliver it and package it in such a way that it is more physically and conceptually compatible with our analog senses and brains. That makes a ton of sense, and Apple gets a lot of credit for making this approach to technology design mainstream.
    The Unfair:
    Rene doesn't recognize that he's reviewing a different class of device. WinMo smartphones are not borne from the same genealogical pool as the iPhone or feature phones (like the Instinct). In fact, the "smartphone" moniker is probably the problem here. WinMo is more like a microPC (or, as Microsoft accurately named it years ago, a "pocket PC") and the iPhone et al are more like smartphones.
    The problem is that nobody wants a microPC in concept, but many benefit from it nonetheless. A Microsoft-driven microPC brings PC flexibility and power to the pocket. Again, Apple recognizes that most average blokes do not require all that power and flexibility, which is why the iPhone is so darn successful. But that does not mean that there isn't a large, important niche to be filled by a more powerful, flexible platform. In fact, Google's Android seems to be more of a competitor to WinMo than it is to Apple from this perspective.
    In any case, Rene missed the fact that this is a different class of device that does many, many things better than the iPhone, but OOTB (out of the box) experience is not one of them! So, we get a review on one facet of WinMo, and it's not the strong suit.
    I hereby proclaim that Rene's review is actually only a preview, for he has only shown his viewers the OOTB experience, and not versed himself in what WinMo and HTC can do together during the lifespan of owning the device.
    For what most of these online reviewers are missing are what the car magazines (and Consumer Reports) figured out a long time ago: the need for a "living with it" review, months and years into owning the device.
    I have a WinMo6 smartphone for about a year now. And while I truly envy much of what the iPhone can do so much more elegantly than my phone, I have decided that the benefits, flexibility and openness of WinMo outweigh the simplicity and "funness" of the iPhone.
    Which brings up the final point of my review of Rene's review: Comparing a WinMo phone to an iPhone is like comparing dinner to desert. Sure, desert is sweeter and more fun to eat. But, sometimes, you just need a nice, big hunk of steak to satiate your appetite.
    Rene's taste buds were ready for cheesecake, but he got meatloaf, and even though the meatloaf was spectacular, he was reviewing the meatloaf in the context of cheesecake.
    Jon Deutsch
    Reviewer-of-Reviewers... at large!
  • Oh, and I have to say that the Star Wars intro was utterly hysterical. Well done!
  • I currently have an HTC Touch and I'm trying to decide what to get next. For me the choices are between the Touch HD, BB Storm or the iPhone. Decisions Decisions... :)
    Look forward to your review.
  • Hmmm... to everyone saying this is a bad or biased review that would be a bit difficult since it is only the video preview as it states in the title... ;)
  • Love the iPhone
  • Hmmm… to everyone saying this is a bad or biased review >that would be a bit difficult since it is only the >video preview as it states in the title… ;)
    Ah, yes, good point. He does say "preview" doesn't he? OK, fair enough, as long as he makes the effort to understand the type of device it is before he reviews it properly.
  • I still love htc still
  • TouchFlo pretty much turned me off of this device the first time I played with it. It seemed buggy/slow/frustrating. Once I remembered that was not a capacitive screen, though, and thought of the stylus, it was much easier to use. No, I didn't whip out the stylus; instead I remembered to tap things with my fingernail. Its actually pretty responsive this way. ...not that I think that makes it any better, haha. I agree: capacitive would make for a much better experience. If I were to use a Fuze or Touch Pro, I would probably run it with TouchFlo turned off, as I'm very comfortable and fast with the regular WinMo interface.
  • AT&T needs to include the camera in the front of the phone, just like the international ones. Their video sharing would work better. Just look at the TV show My Own Worse Enemy.
    I'm sure the next release of the iPhone will have a camera in the front.
    There are some nice features on the Fuse. YouTube (FINALLY for WinMo, Yes iPhone has it already), WorldCard (Take that iPhone, no business card reader for FREE!) Remote Desktop (Great for system admins. Hello hello, iPhone?)
    Also the Redfly works with WinMo. Sorry iPhone.
  • Looks pretty.
    Can't wait to see where you guys are gonna go with this.
  • Rene, you bring up many valid points against TouchFlo and Windows Mobile. TF3D is just a skin, one I think they should have just left off.
    I do have a tip for you that I think may help you out when using a Windows Mobile device - stop trying to use it like an iPhone! I know you love to touch the screen and control everything by pressing on that lovely capacitive screen, but you can't do that on Windows Mobile. Even on the Touch Pro it is much easier to use the hardware keys to navigate; and start using that back key, it'll save you time and frustration.
  • not a lot of fun with Windows Mobile...
    True! True! True!
  • While I don't think this is a "biased" review, it does seem as though many iPhone users get so accustomed to the action on capacitive touchscreens that resistive touchscreens become problematic for them in a way it doesn't for non iPhone users. I played with a Touch Diamond in a Sprint store and had none of the problems navigating through TouchFlo that Rene had. Watching him use his index finger with quick flicks was painful. If you use your thumb in a smooth, even motion, TouchFlo does not require a excessive pressure -- just a little more than the iPhone.
  • I'm sorry man, but you're not qualified to do a review of this phone. LOL
  • I would never give up my WinMo phone.
  • Hi Rene,
    I was laughing so much with your review, because when I went to an AT&T store to try (play) with the Fuze I was doing worst than you. What a frustration. After that, I didn't even care to see how the apps worked.
  • Nothing is for everyone.
    The iPhone is really sleek. It offers elegance of design, but if you don't like Apple's way of doing things, you're S.O.L. And forget about expanding it!
    And God forbid you should buy a 3rd party app that Steve Jobs hasn't approved!
    WinMo is about freedom of choice, expandability, and adaptibility. Don't like something? Make a registry tweak here, or download a cab file there.
    The iPhone is like that sexy European sports car that looks really good, but at the end of the day, you find out that you can't really do much with it except go really fast... and there's no room for your luggage. Need to hitch a trailer to that? Lotsa luck.
  • Woohoo
  • I seriously wanna win so bad
  • It is soo painful to see an iphone user try to use a windows mobile device and complain about everything that isn't Apple approved. It really is kinda sad when Apple loving drones can't try and see the power that windows mobile gives the user.
  • Try SPB Mobile Shell, instead of Touch Flo 3D... on the Fuze, and it would be a different experience. I had a 1st Gen iPhone... was fun for a while, but hated no MMS, horrific speakers, lack of customization. Even knowing what the 3G iPhone can do better than the 1st gen... when I upgraded a few weeks ago, I still went for the Fuze over the 3G Apple. I have questioned an exchange within my 30-day window... but I can't come up with anything the iphone does better than the Fuze. I get Flash with Skyfire, that crazy Shazam app that "listens" to songs and tells you the name (thanks ATT)... YouTube, Facebook, Pandora, some great browser choices, TOTAL customization with regard to skins/shells... a full, solid feeling keyboard, VGA resolution, no dropped calls, gajillion apps, MMS... and... wait for it... CUT AND PASTE! heh.
    Go HTC... the first Chinese (Taiwanese in this case) company I can say is kicking arse on quality over the euros or japanese!
  • Oh... wait... forgot... better camera, with a flash.
  • i would LOVE a new iPhone
  • I agree that the TouchFLO stuff is slow when compared to what the iPhone does, but you neglected to point out some of the features the Fuze has that are missing on an iPhone, such as how having a stylus improves the ability to make freehand notes or drawings or even to play games, and how much easier it is to have a keyboard with tactile feedback, for those who need to type often.
  • Wooo! Let's go! I wanna win me some prize-age!
  • the fuze is suck a great phone
  • if you realign your screen with the stylus, your screen navigation won't be as bad as the reviewer claims...not iphone quality, but definately not as bad as he made it out to be
  • I like how this stupid noob is pressing all over the screen, then saying omg why wont the touch flo work.... LOL, people who use iphones are people who are good at adapting to change but rather do the same thing every day HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA go back to school mac users and figure out why microsoft is so sucessfull!