Rogers: only 2 iPad data plans. No $20 "sharing" plan. No Fido.

TiPb contacted Rogers to get some clarification about that $20 "add to existing data plan" option that was listed on today as part of the Canadian iPhone pre-order launch, and Rogers was kind enough to respond:

We've confirmed that we have two iPad data plans available for our customers. Both the 250 MB for $15 and 5 GB for $35 include free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots.At this time, we do not have a sharing plan to announce. The reference to a sharing plan on the Apple website was an error and is being removed.Please visit RedBoard for more information on iPad data plans

On the RedBoard, Rogers further notes that their Fido subsidiary will not be supporting the iPad at launch.

Rene Ritchie

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  • Guess Rogers doesn't love it's customers as much as you all thought.
  • What the heck is with all these "corrections" to prices and plans? Isn't anyone at Apple proofing these things before the pages went live?
    Canada, Japan, and Germany all reporting changes within 24 hours of launch.
    Shoddy work Apple.
  • Steve, I think this is not Apple's doing. I think this is the carriers going back on their word...
    And wow Rogers, way to gouge us. You KNOW 250mb is not enough for an ipad, and you know you should offer an unlimited plan...
    Sadly in Canada, unlimited bandwidth DOES NOT EXIST via ANY current offers in ANY form of real Internet.
  • This makes me regret even spending the 20 cents on a Rogers sim. I can't believe I gave them one cent more than I needed to. Bell needs to announce their plans soon. I'm sure they will be similar, but they have much better coverage in my area and actually offer 3G service.
  • Hmmmm... I almost thought for a second that Rogers might be offering me something that slightly benefits me as opposed to gouging me AGAIN.
    It's going to be a long wait for Shaw's 4G LTE wireless service set to start up late 2011. Imagine... a NO CONTRACT wireless provider!!!!
  • Lol I hate Rogers. If I ever bought an ipad I would just get a phone I can use as a hitspot and tether to that. Data prices from cell companies are retarded. The companies should realise if you treat people fairly you don't need these rediculous contracts
  • Seems like there is no point in getting a 3G iPad.
  • Is Bell & Telus getting iPad?. Screw Rogers!
  • SpeedRacer99, they will likely offer plans as well as the iPad is sold through Apple and will work on the same 3G bands.
  • The Rogers RedBoard is being flooded with people mad that there is no Add On option now. This will get interesting. Reading some other comments, people have called Apple, who is still claiming the $20 add on fee is legit and will offered.
    It will be very interesting to see what, if anything Bell and Telus decide to do. Maybe a true unlimited plan? Maybe I'm dreaming again.
  • Unreal! What if I ordered the 3G model having seen that $20 add-on price as I did this morning?!?
  • 6 Gb is effectively unlimited. It is just to keep the thieves who use their cell phone data plan to download and share stolen movies from destroying their network like has happened in the us with AT&T.
    I was moving this month and had cut off my cable for over 2 weeks. Using my iPhone as my primary Internet I FINALLY cracked 1 GB.
  • @Adamn Don't be a fool if you think unlimited actually means unlimited. There is a cap somewhere, they'll let you know in terms of shutting down your account or penalizing you for using too much bandwidth.
  • @Don:
    No 6Gb is not unlimited. Have you ever rent a movie on the itunes store? Yeah the "legal" ones. I did, once. 1.2 GB for a standard definition movie.
    Youtube? 100Mb per 10 min. on avergae
    Email. For me I get 1 GB a month of attached files, not counting photos.
    Tethering...Good luck with that, but still, you will bust your limit fast with all thoses updates, security patches, anti-viri software. And if you use the net for your job, well forget FTPing files, presentations and large documents.
    We pay too much for our cell phones in Canada period. Just read what the OECD found on it's last study:,3343,en264920118543471316111_1,00.html
  • @Jacques:
    Except that most of those things can't be done over the 3G network anyway...
    iTunes Store downloads are capped at 20MB over a 3G connection -- anything larger requires Wi-Fi (ditto for App Store purchases).
    Youtube videos over 3G are horrendously downscaled, and definitely consume far less bandwidth than 10MB/min.
    The iPhone OS (ergo the iPad) doesn't download e-mail attachments unless you specifically ask for them -- only message headers and text are downloaded.
    Tethering isn't even possible on the iPad, and even on the iPhone unless you're regularly watching streaming video or downloading huge files while tethered, tethering doesn't use that much data. In my case, I used around 6GB of data on my iPhone in all of 2009, and that includes tethering usage (obviously only for 9 months of that year, but still....)
    5-6GB of data is more than enough for 99% of the users out there, especially on a device that easily and readily hops onto a Wi-Fi access point whenever one is available.
  • For future reference, the only cell phone provider to offer an unlimited data plan is WIND Mobile, exceed 5gb and they cap your speed. Still unlimited, but at a slower rate.
    The only problem is they are on AWS and apple doesnt have support for this type of data.
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  • I heartily agree with Gerald Davison, but would say that having both is always the best option. After all batteries can die, but a paper map also has its own limitations, as it can rip, flap, get wet when taken out of the case in wet weather (nor can it pinpoint you quickly and safely when deep forest, fog, low-cloud or heavy rain sets in).