Rogers announces iPad 3G plans coming end of May

Hot on the heals of Apple's international iPad delay, Rogers in Canada also announces that they'll be providing iPad 3G pricing plans at the end of May. And that's pretty much verbatim:

Rogers today announced that it will offer iPad price plans for all models from the end of May in Canada.

It's almost as if this has been coordinated to blunt the impact of the delay by giving international users some small glimmer of additional info, doesn't it? Could it also hint that iPad 3G will be arriving alongside iPad Wi-Fi outside the US? We certainly hope so. We hope even more, however, that Rogers matches AT&T's unlocked, no-contract, cheap data-only plans for iPad.

What's the over/under on that?

Rene Ritchie

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  • I'm officially over The iPad Blog. I'll get my iPhone news some where else.
    I'm not going to buy a ipad anytime in the foreseeable future, so this TIPB ipad frenzy bores me. Anyone suggest a new iPhone site?
  • Bob all you need to do is hit the iPhone tab at the top
  • It does run the iPhone OS, I like the ipad post
  • This is just a big Ipod...suckers
  • I'm officially over people being over things.
  • I'm hoping Rogers is not the only carrier to offer data plans. No it didn't help to know more info after biting my nails thus far with the consolation that I would only have to wait two or three weeks. I'm so 50/50 on whether I want to get it now, but who am I kidding now that the rage has subsided I know I'm gonna preorder when I can. They better damn well bring out the 3G and Wifi at the same time internationally because if they don't it will be like adding insult to injury.
  • @Jehu
    Yep, and a big screen TV is bigger than a normal TV. And in other news the sky is blue and WWI is over. How is having a big iPod a bad thing? People seem to like the iPhone and iPod so why not make it bigger? It actually makes sense...
    Apple has already made roughly $125,000,000 in revenue off this "big iPod". So kudos to them.
  • @Jehu: Does this mean that you are perfectly satisfied with your 13" TV screen and will never get a bigger one because ... well ... it is just the same as your old TV except bigger? Your argument makes absolutely no sense.
  • @IPhoneBob: Everyone iPhone blog I have ever been on has TONS of iPad stuff. Like it or not it runs the same OS, and is a hot item right now. Sites likes this however, let you filter it out so you only get iPhone stuff if that is what you like. Just click the iPhone tab up top. Personally I LOVE all of the iPhone news. Please TIPB don't ruin your site by leaving news out just to satisfy people like Bob.
  • Bob,
    I think you should start a website with iPhone-only news. Hey, you can even call it The iPhoneBob. TiPBob for short.
    We can read stuff about the iPhone only and about you, Bob. Like what Bob had for breakfast, what things Bob's reading, and Bob's favorite iPhone-only apps. And nothing about iPad because iPad bores Bob. It would be a lot of fun.
  • I'm willing to bet Rogers is NOT going to offer it no-contract. Nooooo freaking way. They'll probably give you $300~$400 off the price, and rope you into a 3-year contract.
  • @Alex OMFG that was funny! Priceless
  • I'd be happy to be on a contract if they offered it for $150 and had data at $15.
  • I know that I'll be waiting to se Bell and Telus' iPod data plan prices. I have my iPhone on Rogers and they don't even have 3G in my area. F that. I want 3G speeds and better coverage for my iPad.
  • @ Adam.....just because Rogers is offering data plans, it doesn't mean that Rogers will be selling the iPad...nor AT&T.
    I'm under the impression only Apple is selling the iPads.
    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
    Thanks everyone and have a wonderful day....especially you Bob! lol
  • You go bob. No literaly. Go.
  • @James:
    yes in America only apple is selling the iPad, because AT&T wouldn't be subsidizing it so there's no point of them selling it, but that doesn't mean Rogers can't work out a deal with apple here in Canada.
    PS I'm in Toronto too ha
  • Unlocked?! Wonder what plans other carriers can provide.
  • @Adam...I hope you're right my Torontonian friend because that would be awesome! Although I don't know how that would work if they Allow me to upgrade from my 3gs to the 4g this summer.
  • jonomacdono Says:
    April 14th, 2010 at 3:11 pm
    I know that I’ll be waiting to se Bell and Telus’ iPod data plan prices. I have my iPhone on Rogers and they don’t even have 3G in my area. F that. I want 3G speeds and better coverage for my iPad.
    iPod data plan...???
  • @IPhoneBob are you the same Bob from What About Bob?
  • Ipad 3g works on Bell network!
  • I just picked up an iPad 3G 64GB and I love it. Mark.. how'd you get Bell data?