Updated: Rogers Canada iPad 3G data plans detailed

Apple's online store in Canada is now open for iPad pre-orders and along with them are Rogers data plans for both new and existing users.

  • $15 for 250MB
  • $35 for 5GB
  • $20 to add iPad to an existing data plan

There's also an option to pre-order your Rogers MicoSIM for $0.20 (limit 1 per customer). We've got to hand it to Rogers, however, while the base plans are a tiny bit more expensive and/or limited than AT&T's US plans, the ability to add $20 to an existing Rogers data plan is fantastic and combined with the recent extension on free tethering for iPhone users makes us think Canadians are finally out of the data dark ages.

UPDATE: Rogers replied to TiPb saying the $20 was an error and is being removed.

Apple has links to Rogers for more info, though they're currently being redirected to a request form. There's also a link for additional carriers which doesn't list any, not even Rogers subsidiary Fido, though its hard to imagine Bell and Telus, along with new upstarts like Wind sitting Apple out entirely.

If you're on Rogers, let us know what you're going for.

[Apple Online Store Canada]

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