Rumor: Apple Store Genius Bars replacing Mac Book Pros with iPads

9to5Mac's Marc Gurman is reporting that Apple Store Genius Bars might just be swapping out their Mac Book Pros for iPads.

Due the size of MacBook Pros, Apple has been limited to fitting only a few the computers at Genius Bars. Typically, the Genius Bar can only service as many people as computers at one time at the Genius Bar. Now, due to the size and price of iPads, Apple could service more people at one time at the Genius Bar by installing multiple iPads. Apple fairly recently instated a system called MobileGenius which runs the iOS Diagnostic service I previously detailed. This service only works with iOS devices, while the new iPads should cover Macs and Apple's other non-iOS products, too.

While iPads can't do everything MacBooks can do, like Steve Jobs said when he announced them, they can do some things far, far better. If this pans out, like with the iPad display rollout Apple is once again putting their stores where their mouths are.

Source: 9to5Mac

Rene Ritchie

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