Rumor: iPad Training March 10, Commercial March 15, Released March 26?

The Examiner is claiming Apple will be training Apple Retail Store staff on the iPad starting March 10 followed by TV commercials to air starting March 15 (focusing on iBooks), and will likely be made available for sale March 26. (With overnight campers being rewarded with a "special gift").

The sources are said to be "insiders" and a SoCal Apple Store Manager who wishes (obviously) to remain anonymous.

9to5Mac thinks the commercial might be the top secret little number shot back in August.

Sound reasonable? Anyone breaking out the camping gear? (Or are you watching, waiting, and considering gen 2 instead ;) )

(And is this more reason than ever to get in on TiPb's countdown to iPad give-away?)

Rene Ritchie

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